Prep Hair for Summer with The Beauty Closet's Top Recommended Hair Product from Phyto: Phytoneutre Clarifying Detox Shampoo

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Just around the corner...

With Summer only being a couple of months off for some and for others like myself, it might even feel like it's already arrived- with temps in the upper 80's and even 90's! But there are parts of the county which won't really be having that kind of weather until closer to the first official day of Summer: June, 20th.

If you're like myself and many others, you might have noticed that your hair has been looking a bit lack-luster...and that's partly due to the brutal conditions and environmental badgering that your hair takes during the winter months. There's a fairly easy fix to this though: try a clarifying and detoxifying Shampoo that will eliminate built-up residue, while rejuvenating your hair & scalp.

Looking for a great product that isn't chalked full of ingredients you really don't care to have in your hair care products, but you do want something that's effective and works? Check out The Beauty Closet's recommended product from PHYTO below:

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Clarifying Detox Shampoo

for All Hair Types


This is one the best all-around best clarifying shampoo's that I've come across and it's perfect for almost any hair type. Not only is this great hair care product free of parabens, but it's enriched with Eucalytus oil that will rejuvenate your hair and scalp. I recommend using this shampoo twice-weekly to remove build-up and residue left behind by winter products and hair styling.

Phyto's Clarifying Detox Shampoo is also great at removing impurities from your hair- including: hard water minerals, smoke, & pollutants. The results are super soft hair that's healthy and shiny, without being stripped of moisture :) Hair tends to get dull & weighed down from the winter and this product easily eliminates that, but won't over-dry it!

If you've run into issues like I have in the past with utilizing a clarifying shampoo in combination with a hairspray, gel, or wax [for styling]- you won't have that problem with this product at all. I give this one 5 stars without hesitation- this is a fantastic shampoo that works and leaves your hair looking fab!

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