Try These 5 Easy Tricks to Solve Split Ends & Frizz for the Perfect Spring Hair + Recommended Products from Pro Beauty Tools: Professional Ionic Dryer & Gold Curling Iron

by Christina

Need to Rid Split Ends & Frizz?

You're not the only one! I often find that my poor hair and scalp have taken a beating over the winter months and that often means that means that it's also time for change. Get the lowdown below on The Beauty Closet's Top 5 Easy Tricks to Get Rid Of Split Ends & Frizz...just in time for Spring!

  1. Start with a trim: you don't have to go "all-out" here and can get a simple trim from your stylist, ensuring that the bottom 1-2" are cut so as to eliminate damaged ends. But...if you don't have the cash at the moment, or want to avoid cutting all together....
  2. Utilize an at-home deep-penetrating hair treatment or mask. Go for a gentle, yet clarifying formulated-product and then apply a natural oil like Argan oil, for a leave-in moisturizing boost to your scalp and hair.
  3. Getting your hair permed, relaxed, colored, highlighted, or other salon treatment? Skip washing it until 48 hrs. have passed! :0 Why? A this point, your hair is at it's most vulnerable due to the chemical processing and you could end up with breakage and split ends. Avoid more than 1 service at one time as well- this causes more trauma and could cause some real damage to your hair- including extreme breakage. 
  4. Want to put your hair up in a high-pony or up-do? If you don't really feel the need to, skip out on these hair styles or at least limit your use of them as they can cause your hair to eventually break over time. Try a brain, low pony, or super-loose bun instead OR go for a product that avoids utilizing the traditional hair-tie all-together. I LOVE the Invisibobble- made of resin that's safe for allergy suffers to use, they can: get wet, stretch, and won't damage or kink your hair ;)
  5. Swap your current heat styling tools for a professional series of tools that won't harm your hair and do more damage than good! Low-quality tools on the other hand, will often overheat with time and then cause your ends to split and hair to be damaged as a result. Think this is impossible to achieve affordably? No worries- The Beauty Closet has you covered with recommended products below- from PRO Beauty Tools! Find out more below!

The Beauty Closet Recommends:


PRO Beauty Tools

1875 W Professional Ionic

AC Motor Dryer


* pricing!

If you need a good quality dryer that doesn't cost hundreds of dollars, but it will still deliver professional results and no damage to your strands- this is the brand to stick with! PRO Beauty Tools offers up an entire set-up in this kit that comes with a removable end-cap for the dryer, a concentrator AND diffuser attachment, and a professional dryer that delivers 3 levels of heat on 2 speed settings.

This tool really will allow you to achieve any style too- there's a cold shot button included, with easy-to-push rocker switches on the handle. There's even a hanging ring to make this dryer easily accessible and also out of the way of the sink or preventing it from tangling up with other tools.

I'm a big fan of the rubberized finish and included attachments that you normally don't get with such an affordable model! I hate to admit it, but this one knocks my much more expensive dryer out of the park when it comes to how well it dries my hair- without leaving my hair look like a frizzy mess :) 

PRO Beauty Tools

1 1/4" Professional Gold

Curling Iron


* pricing!


I don't think I've come across a 24K Gold Plated model such as this one from PRO Beauty Tools, for this fantastic of a price. Snag this fab curling iron at Target for just around $21 and you won't be disappointed. I would highly recommend this one for ANY hair type too :) This beauty gets up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit and has a 30-second heat-up time, allowing for you to style with a snap!

What I really love about this curling iron is that it rivals other brands who cost twice as much and you get awesome, voluminous curls that actually last longer than a couple of minutes. My thick, coarse hair doesn't usually hold curls very well- especially with a curling iron; this iron worked like a charm though and I noticed that I still had curls at the end of the day.

I haven't been able to ever accomplish that with any curling iron I've tried in the past :0 I would HIGHLY recommend this iron from PRO Beauty Tools for anyone looking for a good curly iron that won't hurt  your wallet. If you're not looking for the 1 1/4" barrel, there are other sizes and options to choose from: 1", 1 1/2", and 1" x-long gold barrel versions! I've been so impressed with this curling iron, I've decided to replace my go-to curling iron for this one...I may be snatching up the extra-long 1" version in the near future too, at this price!

Spring Travel Gift with Purchase ($106 value)




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