The Beauty Closet's Top 7 Beauty Uses for Petroleum Jelly + Recommended Product from Waxelene : The Petroleum Jelly Alternative

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Petroleum Jelly = Beauty Uses Galore!

This tried-and-true product has been an affordable & easy solution to a variety of beauty issues for centuries! The raw material was actually discovered in the late 1850's and by 1870, it was recognized as a product that offered up healing properties for burns and minor wounds. Eventually, the FDA approved petroleum jelly as an OTC or over-the-counter protector of skin that provides a moisture barrier and prevents germs/dirt from entering wounds as well. Want to know more about the fantastic uses of petroleum jelly in beauty?! Check out The Beauty Closet's Top 10 Beauty Uses for Petroleum Jelly, below! Plus, as an extra bonus- get the lowdown on a great alternative to petroleum jelly from Waxelene, that's curated with Soy Oil & Beeswax :)

Top 7 Beauty Uses for Petroleum Jelly


  1. Need an inexpensive lotion or moisturizer? Petroleum Jelly is a great option and will leave your skin hydrated in a snap! You can also apply to rougher areas like knees & elbows or mix with another fav moisturizer to give it an extra boost of skin protection!
  2. Want to groom brows and get unruly hairs to stay in place? I love using a tiny bit and then brushing through with a brow comb. It won't flake and also moisturizes brow hair :)
  3. Looking for a good lip moisturizer? Get an effective hydrator for lips, with a natural look- great for layering underneath other lip tints or lip products too. I love using this for chapped lips- it really works!
  4. Wearing a bright shade of lipstick or lip color for Summer? Prevent the age-old issues of this product transferring to your teeth and looking a little scary with a thin coat of petroleum jelly on your teeth. 
  5. Applying your own at-home hair color or dye job? Apply a thin coat along your entire hair line [onto your skin,rt. outside of the hair line!] to prevent the color from running into your eyes, beyond your hair line, and from staining your skin! 
  6. Promote healing of small scrapes, insect bites, & burns with a small dab/thin coating over the affected area. It will also give wounds an excellent barrier to prevent bacteria from entering and causing infection & slow healing. 
  7. Hydrate lashes and make applying your mascara a dream with a think coating of petroleum jelly to lashes. After applying, comb through; then apply your mascara to prevent flaking, moisturize lashes, & strengthen them. 

Want to Use a Healthy Alternative to Petroleum Jelly?

The Beauty Closet Recommends:


Flip Tube



* pricing w/Prime shipping!

This is an affordable and fantastic alternative to petroleum jelly and after giving this a try, I can easily say that I've ditched the traditional brand I was using before and I won't be going back. This awesome product doesn't contain all the unwanted chemicals and ingredients that you normally see in petroleum jelly and instead contains things like: Organic Soy Oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E Oil, & Organic Rosemary Oil.

The easy snap lid makes application effortless and the tube allows you to get out what you need. There is a slight difference in consistency with this product versus petroleum jelly, but it wasn't something that I noticed as an issue once applied AND I found that I had to use less as a result too :)

There's no annoying scent or taste, making it a great candidate for putting on your lips and versatile for a variety of other skin conditions like: dryness, after-sun care, and to aid in healing minor scapes/cuts. If you have sensitive skin, this is a great product as it doesn't contain ingredients that are going to cause irritation or are unsafe. That means, that this product is great for the entire family to use and safe for babies as well :)

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