Treat Your Lips Naturally and Affordably During the Summer with The Beauty Closet's Recommended Product from: Waxelene

by Christina

Affordable & Natural?!

I know that sometimes it seems as though this is an impossible feat these days, but I'm constantly on the hunt for these beauty products! What I've discovered over the years, is that they're worth the extra research and time- these types of products just aren't always super easy to find. Luckily in recent years though, there have been some new & up-and-coming brands that have put out some good natural & organic products, with real science behind the products they end up creating. One of those brands is Waxelene. They have curated a unique alternative to petroleum jelly that is safe to use and doesn't contain tons of unhealthy ingredients, that you probably want to avoid in your skincare & lip care products in the first place. 

The Beauty Closet Recommends:


Waxelene Lip Balm $6.12

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This is a great bargain and an excellent natural alternative to many of the lip balms out there that contain tons of unhealthy ingredients. You won't get that with Waxelene as it's composed of simple and readable ingredients like: Soy Oil [organic], Rosemary Oil [organic], Soybeans [Vitamin E] and NO petroleum or artificial substances! I love that there's no annoying residue-type feel with this product and no unpleasant scent or taste.

It does however, provide decent hydration and is perfect for layering underneath other lip glosses or lipsticks. Your lips will be soft and healthy with this stuff! If you're looking for a good natural moisturizer for your face, this is also a good option :) Perfect for those that have super sensitive skin like myself, you won't have to worry about any adverse reactions,etc. I've been using this daily since it arrived = LOVE! 


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