The Beauty Closet's Top 5 Easy Hair Styles to Stay Cool for Summer & Bonus Recommended Hair Tools from: Revlon

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5 Easy Hair Styles for Summer

Want to keep cool and stylish at the same time during the warmer Summer months? I'm always on the hunt for cute new seasonal hair styles that do just that ;) Check out The Beauty Closet's Top 5 Picks below:


I love this style because it really does look difficult, but it's far from it. You can get this style easily by placing your hair in a low, tight bun- but make sure to leave out a section/quarter part of your hair! Take this section and then braid it from the front and around one side of your head. Tie this in with the bun and tuck in the ends. Use bobby pins to keep in place. 


Super easy to achieve this look! Take a pretty ribbon or bow your currently have and tie around a low pony tail. Ad a bit of a twist on this look with pigtail/double low pony tails and a pretty bow click to keep them in place [as pictured above]. 



I'm a big fan of hair accessories as their a cinch to use and look good on almost anyone with the right style and outfit :) This Summer, there's been quite a few seen on runways everywhere that incorporate a variety of beautiful and unique approaches like the ones pictured above: Grecian & Floral. Mix it up and try parted down the side [as pictured on the left] & then using a clip to hold back a portion of hair in the front >to side. Go for an all-out up-do [as pictured on the right] and then use a headband or garland of fresh floral decor to accessorize in Summer style :)



I usually see at least one style that's a re-mix from year's past and this was one of my fav's for this summer! Tired of the traditional french braid? Give this style a boost by parting and then creating a french braid on each side; finish by braiding the 2 sides together at the ends or just tie then together with a pretty clip or hair tie. [check out the ones from Revlon below!]


This is a tried-and-true, classic-yet timeless hair style that I absolutely adore! It's super easy to achieve by taking flat-ironed hair, applying smoothing balm and/or strong hold hair gel throughout your entire hair. Next, part your hair straight in the middle [as seen on the left pic] or don't part at all [as seen in the right photo]. Place your hair in a tight, super low ponytail at the nape of your neck- or right above. Twist of the hair, wrapping around in a circular motion.

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The Beauty Closet Recommends:


Contour Double Grip Clips

[6 ct.]

$3.99 *

*target pricing!

These are perfect for the above pictured Summer hair styles and more- I love that they're double-banded and really do stay in place. Many of us struggle with getting some of the shorter hairs clipped into place and these are the perfect solution. I normally have constant issues with similar-type clips in that they fall out or don't stay into place, but these are exactly where I placed them...even by the end of the day! You can even utilize these to pull hair back, in a snap :) For just around $4, these are a great buy as well. 



 XL Elastics

[16 ct.]



These elastics are perfect for a variety of hair styles and can be doubled & tripled up to wrap around your ponies, make them with a super strong hold! At under $3.50 and 16 included, this is a great steal as well :) I found these to be perfect for my thicker, coarser hair too and that's quite a rarity- considering how they often won't stay at all. I frequently have to put hair ties back into place and utilize tons of styling products in order to have them stay put. When it comes to these however, I don't have to keep dealing with those issues AND my hair style stays where I want it to!

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