The Beauty Closet's Top 7 Skincare Products for Summer:

by Christina

My Summer Skincare Routine:

I'm sure there are a few of my readers wondering... what does she actually use in her own beauty routine?! Does she recommend products at The Beauty Closet that she doesn't use? That's a simple & easy answer for me: No! Why? I've seen others do this and I've always felt that it was dishonest.

Although I may have sponsored content on my site from time to time and I love reviewing products, I will NEVER put a product on my site that I haven't used AND love! I know that sounds crazy, but I've found it to be quite easy. I have fairly high standards and I consider myself to be picky when it comes to selecting items that I know are healthy to use for myself and for my readers!

That's why I LOVE sharing with my readers on occasion, what my current makeup, skincare, or beauty routines are- so you can see for yourself ;) Today I thought I would feature some of my current fav Summer skincare items that I absolutely can't live without. 

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1. Trident LED Acne Light Therapy System $119.99

I have really fallen in LOVE with this awesome tool. It's fabulous and it really does work. I started seeing results after just the first day with the blue light [for acne issues] and the red light has also made significant improvements in smoothness, fine lines, and my skin's resilience is back :) I've seen a real change from this tool and it's been more effective than any of the products I've tried and/or currently use.

I was truly surprised at how well this worked and how much I've would grow to love it. It's a bit on the expensive side at over $100, but this is an investment that is well worth the price. The is the only model for it's price though that I've come across that comes with all 3 LED heads that are interchangeable. It's cordless feature is another big plus. Whether you want to address acne, the signs of aging, or discoloration- this is the only tool you need!

2. Sulwhasoo Clarifying Mask $41

To get your skin prepped for Summer, it's essential to remove dull & dead skin for a luminous complexion. I am really digging Korean skincare lately and this is a quality mask that actually works :) It's very effective at getting down deep into pores and removing impurities, leaving behind ultra soft & smooth skin that really does look healthy! You can feel it tightening as it dries and it leaves behind a fresh, tingly feeling as you peel it off. The unique honey-like texture is also curated with Solomonseal Powder and this is what makes this product so effective. 

3. ORIGINS By All Greens Foaming Deep Cleansing Mask $36

This is a mask that you can use on a more frequent basis- I do ;) Twice weekly, I apply this deep-cleansing foamy mask. It's perfect for my sensitive skin and I love the way it tingles! The unique bright pastel green tint and fresh scent of Lemon, Orange, & Spearmint make this one of my Summer fav's :)

What's really cool about this mask, is that it foams up when applied; it can be left on the skin for up 2-3 minutes and then "re-foamed" by using your fingertips in circular motions. Once you rinse this off, your face feels clean, fresh, soft, and fantastic. It's also helped keep the increase of oil and breakouts that normally start occurring during the hotter months. 

4. Julep Love Your Bare Face Detoxifying Cleansing Stick $28

This is a a product that isn't yet available on the site, but it WILL be coming very soon! You can however, snag this fantastic product >here< on QVC if you would like to get it asap :) I love the simplicity of this product and the fact that not only does it smell wonderful, but it actually works and does what it says it will do: hydrate skin, while leaving it feeling cleansed and smooth.

Julep did a great job of curating a product that works well for any skin type- even those with sensitive skin, like myself!  Love Your Bare Face is packed full of Grapefruit seed oil, Pomegranate fruit enzymes, Rice bran oil, & Camellia seed oil, really gives this cleanser deep-cleansing power! Combine this little guy with one of Julep's Konjac sponges and you have something that's beyond awesome :) You will end up with an ultra-luxe lather and deep-penetrating cleanse. 

5. Silkriller Lotion $64

I know this does seem a bit steep for facial lotion, but it's one of the BEST that I've come across- ever! :0 Why? For starters, this unique lotion doesn't look or feel like a lotion at all- but it does a wonderful job of hydrating skin, without clogging pores or feeling heavy.

This makes this lotion a fantastic pick for me during the summer, as it's super light and won't cause break-outs :) The bottle is made of glass and the cap screws on tightly too, making it something that's okay to leave laying about without looking like an eye-sore. Silkriller's facial lotion is U.S. patented too and this is due to the specialized formula.

The silk fibroin solution is composed of amino acids, silk fibroin, & silver edge bamboo. This allows for the moisturizer to retain up to 50 x's it weight! :0 What's even greater? The water-based lotion dries in 10 seconds or under and it can be used in other parched areas- like the neck, elbows/knees, etc.!

6. La Roche-Posay Pigmentclar Eyes $32.24*

* pricing!

I seem to struggle with under-eye dark circles like the next girl and I've started to see fine lines begin to creep up as well. During the summer, my eyes get a bit puffier and the dark circles don't seem to get any better :/ This is one of the only products that I've come across that won't clog my pores in the hotter months, is super easy to apply with it's uniquely-designed applicator, and it's highly effective.

I started to see results immediately after the first usage and you will continue to see an improvement in skin tone, puffiness, fine lines, and smoothness :) It does a fab job of moisturizing skin, leaving your skin dewy & nourished. Perfect for setting and refreshing makeup throughout the day too!

7. Too Cool For School Cherry Blossoms Mist $17:

This is a MUST HAVE for Summer ;) I'm really into this brand lately and their adorable packaging AND quality skincare & makeup products. They started recently selling their products directly here in the U.S. and will be offering more of their collections in the next year or so, according to their site. You can also snag a few of their products on, which is where I managed to snag this one [pictured above]. Formulated withOUT Parabens & Phthalates, this sweet-smelling and light, floral scented mist is something that most anyone can appreciate!

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