Want to Know More About Getting the Perfect, Sculpted Brows? The Beauty Closet Has the Lowdown Here + Bonus Reviewed & Recommended Product from Mally: Evercolor Brow Defining Gel

by Christina

The Beauty Closet's Ultimate Brow Guide:


Shaping & Styling Methods:

There are several ways that your eyebrows can be shaped and styled, however there are pros & cons to each. Waxing, threading, tweezing or plucking, and trimming can all be ways in which this is achieved. Tweezing, as featured in the above left picture, is one of the easiest and most common methods and perhaps one of the more affordable ones as well since it can be done at-home and requires just a set of tweezers to do the job. Even if the tweezers you snag up are a bit on the expensive side, you will keep those most likely for some time before spending cash on some more. However, this method is also the easiest way to ensure that not only will the hairs stop growing back in the areas in which you pluck/tweeze, but it can end up looking unnatural or uneven if you are not super careful :0

Threading, as featured in the above picture on the right, is a technique that comes from the Middle East and South Asia. Cotton thread is normally chosen and utilized to remove the hairs by twisting the thread into a loop and then rolling it on the skin quickly- pulling the hair from the roots. It's highly recommended having a professional complete this technique and that means periodic trips to the salon and more money spent than on say, the method of tweezing & plucking on your own. It is a bit painful- although not as painful as waxing, however it can take a bit longer than other salon brow services, such as waxing.

As for waxing, this method is probably the most painful, but also great for those with super bushy or thick brows. It's also a quick process, but it can cause issues for those with sensitive skin- like irritation, as it stretches and pulls the delicate skin above the eyes. Trimming is something that can also be done at home and is best done with the right tools and for those with thicker brows and long brow hairs. Using a small lash comb and a pair of brow scissors, you can master this technique in no time. Plus, it won't cost much and doesn't require loads of tools to accomplish. 

Microblading technique

Microblading technique

Brow Product Application Types:

  • Gel: Probably one of my favorite application types, gels are often long-lasting, will stay put, quick-drying, and won't smudge! They can be more on the costlier side of things than most other types, but they are usually well worth the price if you find the right gel product made for brows. [be sure to check out my top recommended product from Mally, below!]. Gels also allow for precise handling so that you get the perfect brows- every time, with little effort or mess. They also look very natural and can fill in even the most sparse or barely-there brows too!
  • Powder: Can sometimes be messing, but a very common method for many and simple to use. Often combined with a separate wax to give it longer staying power, which is usually the issue with powder products. They sometimes don't last and don't stay put and can end up looking unnatural if not applied with the right combination of tools and pre-grooming brow prep. Perfect in use with stencils if applied with an angled brush and great for filling in sparse brows. 
  • Stencils: Great for beginners and those who consider themselves brow experts, allowing for easy and precise mess-free application of the perfectly sculpted, arched brows. Usually fairly affordable and often come in kits, there are several brands that offer them. Normally designed for almost any brow type, style, or arch as they tend to come in kits that contain a collection of stencils to fit almost any brow. 
  • Pencil: These are still one of the most common methods of brow product application and also often can be the more affordable of the options. However, its also usually not long-lasting and can be necessary to apply more than once throughout the day to prevent loss of your prior work. Another downside to pencils is that the product doesn't always feel in sparser brows and it tends to look less natural as brows are being "drawn" on :( I recommend staying away from this method unless needed. 
  • Tattoos/Microblading: permanent makeup has been on the rise in recent years and it's no surprise; as busy women juggling all that we do on our plates, its not wonder we'd want to save a bit of time many of us end up using on a daily basis with our make-up routines! Microblading has become all the rage for brow-lovers and although it's a pricey service-usually around $800+, it's also one of my favorite methods listed. It's not too painful and can last 2 + years, while taking loads of time and effort on creating & sculpting the perfect brows. You also need to make sure to do your research and find someone that is considered a true expert and professional in the field. 
  • Stamps: A quick & easy method, it seems as though it would be a fantastic idea. However, for most people- this method doesn't turn out to be what it seems. For many [like myself] the provided 'universal' shades are often not quite the right color to end up with natural results and the stamps themselves are 'one-size-fits-all' arches and designs with not many options [if any] to choose from on most kits out there. The end results are often miss-aligned brows that don't look natural and don't last if they do happen to work out for you. Although many of these kits and products are affordable, I'd recommend steering clear of them as they usually aren't worth the time, money, or effort. 

Brow Q & A:

  1. Is it okay to dye my brows? It's actually super un-safe to put literal dye on your brows and to do it on your own. It's highly recommended to you get a professional to do this process; they will most likely use a type of demi-permanent stain that's specifically designed for brow use. They will apply it with a disposable wand and then processing lasts up to 20 mins. 
  2. If I over-pluck my eyebrows, will the hairs still be likely to grow back? Most likely no, as there is really no natural way for them to grow back as they have been plucked too much. A hair transplant would be one option but those type of practices tend to be expensive and sometimes require more than one treatment to see success. 
  3. Should I remove the hair that is above the eyebrow? Although it's usually something that many experts preach not to do, it's actually okay if its done very sparingly. If not, and too much of the hair is removed from above, you can end up with a 'scowling effect' that isn't what you're looking for @ all!

The Beauty Closet Recommends



Evercolor Brow Defining Gel + Brush

in 'Medium Brown'


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Comes in three great shades and ea. arrives with a pot of brow defining gel and a double-ended brow grooming brush, as an added bonus :) Moderately priced, this fantastic duo really does have lasting, smudge-proof power and looks fabulously natural! Easy and foolproof to apply, you won't be dissatisfied with this one- I was happy with the first usage and haven't gone back to my old brow products after trying out this gel from Mally.

The uniquely-designed mesh inside of the container holding the brow gel, contains a mesh net that allows for you to pick up just the right amount of product on the provided brow brush tool. Fill in the brow using short, light strokes by starting in the inner corners and then filling in the color. Utilize the provided tool's other end that contains the brow spoolie and comb your brow hairs into place in order to set your look. I found this awesome product extremely easy to use and it didn't take me near as long or near as many tools or additional products to complete my brow look. I was surprised at how easily I found it to replace my vast amount of brow tools and products needed in the past.