Need to Hold Your Latest Look in Place? Check out The Beauty Closet's Top 5 Hair styles for Spring + Bonus Product Review from: John Frieda Luxurious Volume Forever Full Hairspray

by Christina

The Beauty Closet's Top 5 Spring Hair Styles:

1. Flower Crowns & Headbands:

These have been spotted everywhere on the runways recently and I love them. They're the embodiment of spring with beautiful flowers, bright colors, & even some with funky bohemian vibes. 


2. Low Pony w/Simple Tie:

Think minimalist meets stylista! This mix of classic with a minimalist twist makes the tried-and-true low pony a ramp up this season. Go for a simple elastic band or a simple, solid color metallic or leather band to keep in place. Tie at the base of the neck or lower. 

3. Glitzy Jeweled & Glamorous Bow Headbands:

You might have seen these in the past but this spring they've come back with a whole new attitude! Think classic, big bows made out of luxe materials and beautifully crafted bedazzled headbands that can complete any fashionable spring look :) 


4. Beautifully Knotted Buns:

Twist and knot the hair in a low bun at the nape of the neck and tuck in with bobby pins. Try wrapping a strand of hair around the pony to complete the style. Finish off with hair spray and make sure that the front portion of hair is sleeked back [flatiron prior if needed, using a smoothing oil while hot styling].

5. Sporty Futuristic Pony:

Want a style that's unique and brings on a bit of the sporty attitude for spring? This is the perfect hair style for you! 

The Beauty Closet Recommends: 

John Frieda

Luxurious Volume Forever Full Hairspray


* pricing!

If you want an affordable hairspray that won't kill your hair and doesn't smell like a saloon...this is the product for you :) I'm a big fan of John Frieda products and that's saying something considering how inexpensive they are and they are normally considered an 'over-the-counter' brand. But I have to say that products of their that I've tried out in the past, I really loved and was surprised by the results so I was actually quite excited to give this a try.

I did however have a feeling it was going to be a fairly good hairspray and I was right- it's fantastic for the price! It gives the right hold, doesn't take tons, won't flake, cause your hair to frizz up as soon as it hits humidity, and lasts throughout the day after being applied. It dries fast and doesn't cause your hair to look awful by the end of the day. The newly redesigned can looks nice and doesn't seem to clog and also provides a decent fine, even spray. Looking to create beach waves, volume, curls, or just need a strong all-day hold for a fab spring style? This is the perfect option and it costs under $6 ;)