Hair Week Part III: Get the Perfect Hair Style with The Beauty Closet's Top 5 Summer Hair Styles Plus Top Recommended Brush Picks from: Conair!

by Christina

Fav 5 Summer Hair Trends:

1. Bold Crowns & Delicate Garlands:

Every year these seem to pop up around springtime & summer, with each year throwing in a spin or unique twist all its own. This season has been no different as there have been some over-the-top crowns seen on runways [like the one pictured above, middle] and the more delicate versions made created to look like garlands of leaves, stars, & other fun themes!


2. Messy Braids:

Perfect for summer- this fab style is easy to achieve and great for helping keep your hair off of your neck while you are in the summer heat! Start midway down the back of the head with your braid and keep it a bit loose- pull out random strands. 

3. Voluminous Coifs:

Think ultra volume and teased, curled bangs that are held back with bobby pins or a pretty clip. 


4. High Knotted Buns:

Perfect for summer, this simple hair style is great for any time of day or outfit as well! For a fun twist, add in a fun hair pin [such as the one pictured above, left]. Finish with hair spray or gel to leave a slicked back look, as pictured above, middle. Add a front side braid for a funky twist, as pictured on the far right!


5. Simple Low & 80's Side Ponytails:

Go for an 80's vibe as pictured in the above middle pic, by placing your pony on the lower side or your head. Want to tone it down a bit? Stick with a simple, low ponytail in the middle of your head and wrap a couple of strands loosely around and then tuck then into your pony- as pictured on the above, far right.

The Beauty Closet Recommends: 


UltraDetangler Medium Nylon Round Brush 45mm


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If you have a longer hair style or thicker, coarse hair and struggle to get the volume and detangling power that you need- this is the brush for you. Okay to use with wet or dry hair, enhance shine and smooth hair while getting volume- all for around $15! I love the wooden handle and protected bristles that don't feel like I'm hurting or damaging my scalp or hair! 


Quick Blow-Dry Copper Collection Hair Brush


** pricing!

This uniquely designed brush features an air thermal barrel design to allow for air to circulate well throughout the core barrel core and outer layer which in turn, makes for a faster drying time! Ball tips aid in avoiding snagging and tugging and a 10% copper coating means that the brush gives salon-looking results with little effort as it provides up to a 50% better transfer of heat [when compared to other Conair vented brushes]. What's great about this brush is that it doesn't weigh tons, regardless of the materials its made with- plus, it features a no-slip grip rubber handle that makes it ultra easy to hold. 

A $50 Value!

A $50 Value!

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