Check Out These Top Brow Looks for Summer + The Beauty Closet's Top Product Pick for Easy Summer Brows from Rita Hazan: Root Concealer Touch-Up Stick Temple + Brow Edition!

by Christina

Check Out These Top Summer 2017 Brow Looks!

1. Line It Up!

One of the latest trends out there seen on the runways for spring & summer and it's not for just anyone, but definitely offers up a fun, funky vibe. Simple to achieve, try using a clear brow gel to keep your natural brows in place and avoid plucking or shaping brows. Take a shade much darker than your own and apply in a thin line [try using a brow pencil or eye liquid eye liner] along the upper natural line of your brows. Pair with nude lips and heavy coats of thickening, volumizing mascara- up to 3 coats and a light neutral peachy eye shadow shade, to complete this look.




2. Full & Natural:

Go for bold, thick, almost untamed brows. Use a powder product to fill in brows and then use a brow brush to brush the brow hairs up and outwards; finish the look with clear brow gel to aid in keeping it in place. Go easy on the eye makeup and stay with 1-2 coats of lengthening mascara and simple matte lips in either a light pink tone or classic bold red lips for a more over-the-top look [like the one pictured in the above, middle!].

3. Thick, Bold, & Sculpted


Great for evening and bold looks- think defined, sculpted brows with harsh lines and arch! Thickly fill in with longer strokes with a pencil and then follow with a darker shade of gel or powder brow product using an angled brow brush. Pair with coppery shades and 2 coats of thickening mascara to complete the look!


4. Natural & Light


This is one my top looks of the season- easy to achieve and minimal effort makes this one great for summer and works on all face shapes and any look :) Use a tint or brow gel and lightly apply to brows,keeping it natural and simple. Go for a high arch and lightly tweeze on corners for light feathered look.

The Beauty Closet Recommends

 Rita Hazan

Root Concealer Touch-Up Stick

Temple + Brow Edition in Light Brown


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This fabulous brow kit is super easy to use and contains a unique cream formula that will not only mask grey and roots in between coloring sessions, it's great for aiding in defining eyebrows too! Custom-blended dyes build upon the hair, allowing it to work on all hair types & colors! The creamy formula actually grips the hairs to deposit this buildable color, while also gliding on your skin & hair smoothly...which means you get clean, defined brows- without all of the mess, stress, and multiple products to achieve the look.

I love the included brow brush tool that helps comb through the hairs and it easily removes excess product, which also prevents smudging too! Formulated without Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Amonia, & Peroxide. Comes in 3 shades and is truly mistake-proof and water-resistant, making it the perfect brow product for summer :) I love that it stays put, doesn't melt, is basically fool-proof, and looks natural! No need to sharpen, easily twists up when more product is needed- this makes it great for on-the-go gals & trips!