The Beauty Closet's Top 5 Korean Skincare Picks for Summer!

by Christina

K-Beauty...What is It?

Often known by the name K-beauty, Korean beauty involves a huge focus on skin healthiness, a lack of pigmentation or pale skin, & ultra-hydrated skin- which is a bit different than the traditional American beauty standards  of super bronzed skin. Korean beauty looks at ensuring that the skin looks fabulous- without makeup :0 This in stark difference from the American and British approach to beauty which places an emphasis on investing in loads of beauty products that will cover up the skin. Gentle oil and foam cleansers are a base to the Korean beauty routine, followed by weekly exfoliation and daily toner utilized as well. Check out 5 of my top Korean skincare picks for Summer, below: 


5 Top K-Beauty Picks for Summer!

1. Son & Park

Beauty Water


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One of the biggest integral parts of a K-beauty is utilizing a daily toner that improves skin dullness, dryness, & uneven tone too!  Great for all skin types and formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates makes it fall right in line with the K-beauty focus. This multipurpose toner can be used to tone and gently exfoliate the skin when you get up and that makes it also perfect for pre-makeup application as it creates a matte finish and smoother surface before makeup application. Lavender water, rosewater, orange fruit extract, willow bark, and papaya extract that aid in sloughing off dead skin to reveal smoother, brighter skin :) 

2. Too Cool For School

Egg Cream Mask Pore Tightening


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Great for tackling oily & combination skin types that are struggling with excess oil, large pores, and acne! The ultra-soft microfiber sheet mask is infused with egg white extract and vinegar extract to aid in clarifying the skin while also helping to reduce pore size. Besides being a huge fan of Too Cool For School's products, they are a huge Korean skincare brand that has really started to make their mark on the U.S. market in recent years. You can snag a few of their products from a couple of their skincare lines at Sephora & or at the brands U.S. site as well :) 

3. Julep

Love Your Bare Face Hydrating Cleansing Oil


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This awesome cleansing oil from Julep has been a long-time fav and it embodies the K-beauty skincare routine! Features a lightweight, antioxidant-rich oil blend that will banish hard-to-remove makeup and impurities without stripping the valuable natural oils contained in your skin :) Formulated for all skin types, you be surprised by the awesome cleansing power of this gentle but effective cleanser. Contains: Malvacae lipid extract, grapeseed oil, olive oil, rosehip oil, & green coffee bean oil to give the skin a healthy glow with hydrated, softer skin after daily use!


Panda's Dream White Sleeping Pack


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Perfect for Summer and will provide just the right amount of hydration throughout the night! Simply apply the mask when turning in for the night and leave on for full skin absorption. The lightweight formula is infused with lavender, rosemary, bamboo shoot, and berry extracts  to aid in brightening skin and helping to even out the skin tone as well! TonyMoly is another fav Korean skincare brand that offers up a variety of unique and super cute products that address a wide variety of skincare concerns. 

5. Skinfood

Peach Sake Pore Serum


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Finish off your skincare routine with this powerful, yet quality, affordable serum from Skinfood! This Peach Sake Pore Serum contains tons of good stuff your skin will thank your for- like: vitamins, minerals, and silica powder that creates a matte effect that aid in reducing the appearance of large pores. Rich in Vitamin A & C, it's also formulated with peach fruit extract, rice ferment filtrate (sake), bark extract, sesame seed extract, licorice root extract, soybean seed extract, and argan kernel oil! Leave skin looking as great as it feels, youthful, smooth, rejuvenate, hydrated, and even with reduced discoloration :)