Want to Improve an Uneven, Dull Skin Tone? The Beauty Closet Reviews & Recommends: Sulwhasoo Makeup Balancer No. #1!

by Christina

Correct Dullness, Redness, & an Uneven Skin Tone With These Balancing Shades:

  1. PINK: Perfect for those with fair to light skin tones; aids in blurring over dark spots, help reduce the signs of fatigue, and the brow bone to brighten and highlight!
  2. GREEN: Cancels out redness, leaving pimples almost invisible for fair to light skin tones. 
  3. ORANGE/APRICOT: Great for neutralizing almost any issue with skin tone that a medium skin tone might have!
  4. RED: Neutralizes green and blue hues, making this shade ideal for covering up under-eye dark circles, particularly for darker skin tones; also great for reducing appearance of larger, more annoying blemishes. 
  5. BLUE: Great a reducing the signs of dark spots and bruising and will even help reduce an over-applied self tanning product! Look like an oompa-loompa after self-tanner application? This hue is the way to go :) 
  6. YELLOW: helps brighten the under-eye area, especially for those with medium skin tones; also good for concealing sun damaged areas and those areas affected by hyperpigmentation and bruising as well!
  7. LAVENDER: Reduces yellow undertones in the skin and also aids in improving the appearing of sun spots. 


Makeup Balancer in No. 1 Light Pink


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This really is a truly fabulous product and actually does what it claims! The anti-oxidant berry formulated blend aids in strengthening the skin while also providing powerful balancing properties to dull, sallow, and an uneven skin tone! Your skin will be left smooth, balanced, and hydrated and perfectly prepared for your makeup application :) Sulwhasoo offers this great product in 3 shades: #1 Light Pink, #2 Light Purple, & #3 Light Green. As I tend to an uneven skin tone, a fair complexion, and dullness I felt this shade to be the best fit for me; however, you might find that the other 2 shades fit your needs best.

The light pink hue contains pomegranate extracts, the light lavender or purple shade is formulated with peony extracts, and the light green color is infused with licorice extracts that help with reducing redness and improving upon clearness for those with acne-prone skin! What really sets this product apart for me in comparison to others out on the market is the quality; not only does the unique wax oil blend go on like a dream, it melts onto the skin and makes all of the difference in my makeup routine!

My pores are reduced, discoloration is greatly improved, and my skin has the perfect smooth, matte-like finish I'm looking for before makeup application :) Additionally, the K-beauty brand knows where its at when it comes to quality K-beauty skincare and everything I've tried from the company I have been wonderfully impressed with. This product was no different from what I've come to expect from Sulwhasoo- quality K-beauty skincare products that I want to put on my skin and can see & feel a notable difference when I add their products to my skincare regimen!