Natural Scent of the Month: Edens Garden Lavender Magnolia!

by Christina

Natural Scent of the Month:

Edens Garden

Lavender Magnolia Natural Perfume $49.95*

* pricing! 

I've become a big fan of the Edens Garden- particularly when it comes to their fabulous natural scents. Comes in a variety of scents that are each formulated with a 20% natural aromatic pure essential oil concentration. With such a high concentration of pure essential oil, their natural perfumes have decent lasting power at up to 12 hours- yet they somehow manage to avoid being over-powering :)

This scent is perfect for the end of Summer and going into Fall as it features Bergamot and Lemon top notes, Magnolia and freshly-cut Lavender heart notes, and a base note of creamy vanilla! Makes a wonderfully affordable, nice gift that also comes nicely boxed, with a shelf life of up to 3 years. I absolutely love the unique, pretty glass spray bottle that allows for a fine mist of product so you won't over-spray and waste it as well. 


Interesting Lavender Facts:

Lavandula or commonly-known as lavender has over 45 species of the pretty flower that's derived from the mint family and native to the Cape Verde and Canary Islands areas, Africa, and southwest Asia. The plant was in fact, even known to the ancient Romans and in Europe during the Middle Ages. As for the essential oil, it offers up antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and as an added bonus, is great as a natural mosquito repellent too! This also makes the pleasantly smelling essential oil a great addition to bath and body products, perfumes, salves, make-up, and even topical applications.

Additionally, lavender oil has a unique place in the past as it was used during Wold War I in hospitals for its antiseptic abilities and possible anxiety & insomnia-reducing effects. However, further medical research needs to be done in these areas in order to identify conclusive evidence. The good news though, is that there has been extensive research showing a variety of other great benefits that lavender and lavender oil offers, such as: the short-term treatment of some neurological disorders, as cognition & mood enhancers, pain-reduction effects in migraine headache sufferers, and with disorders such as epilepsy. Want to know more? check out this study >here<!