The Beauty Closet Recommends & Reviews: Lumene Finland Nordic Hydra Aerating Gel Mask!

by Christina

As Promised…Brand Spotlight Part II:


Finland Nordic Hydra Aerating Gel Mask


* pricing!

What I love about this fabulous product- besides the price ;) , is that is can be used a 2-3 times a week as an intensive treatment that’s left on overnight or as a rinse-off mask that you leave on the skin for up to 10 minutes. This vegan formula contains birch juice, nordic cottongrass flower extract, & cloudberry seed extract to leave your skin refreshed, smooth, and hydrated- just in time for Summer! Give your skin an instant moisture boost- without all of the harmful, yucky ingredients you don’t want on your skin in the first place and the best part…? You don’t have to end up broke doing it with this one ;) I recommend using a mask applicator tool, such as an application brush to apply the product in an even layer and then allow to dry for up to 10 mins.; I would start with 5 mins. and see how you feel in regards to the intensity of the cool feeling as the product dries on the skin but I was easily able to leave it on the full 10 mins with the first application. Try using a clean washcloth and lukewarm to cold water to remove the product- then pat dry with a clean towel and then apply an oil-free moisturizer or serum for best results! Don’t expect the product to harden, like clay masks tend to do as this one will only reduce in the cool-like feeling when its near time to remove the mask. This will really be your only indicator that the mask is ready to take off which is why I suggest using a timer as well so you can easily keep track of time and you know when it’s time to easily remove the mask.