The Beauty Closet’s 3 product must-haves for Summer- Part I: Go Girl Designs Busy Girl Bangle!

by Christina

Part I Top 3 Summer Must-Haves:

Go Girl Designs

Busy Girl Bangle -Glimmering Gold


* pricing!

This truly unique and fun bangle takes style to a whole new level when it comes to your jewelry and ponytail! Available in 3 metal tones- silver, gold, & rose gold plating that comes in a stainless steel base and is finished with an anti-oxidant lacquer coating. You can snag each bracelet in either small or large size and as an added bonus, each bracelet style also contains 3 black hair elastics with a tiny matching heart charm! Skip the expensive & boring hair solutions of the past and go with Go Girls Designs Busy Girl Bangle instead :) This super cute hair & style solution-in-1 is a real stand-out from the crowd this Summer and works for a variety of venues- a dinner date or afternoon out with friends! I’m always on the hunt for something that solves more than one problem at a time and when it comes to my hair- I’m all about making things quick & easy too. As a mother with full-time career, working on my master’s degree- I don’t have a lot of time to spare and would rather spend less on my hair if at all possible…that makes the pony my staple hair style for the Summer AND it makes me a huge fan of the Busy Girl Bangle ;) The small bangle fits me perfectly and as pictured above, I snagged up the bangle in glimmering gold. At this affordable price point, this one makes a great gift and you can get one for yourself too.

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