The Beauty Closet’s 3 product must-haves for Summer- Part II: Native Deodorant Coconut & Vanilla!

by Christina

Part II Top 3 Summer Must-Haves:

Native Deodorant

in Coconut & Vanilla


*one-time pricing @ OR snag this awesome deodorant w/subscription & 17% discount!

Features an aluminum, paraben, phthalate, and talc-free formula that won’t irritate even sensitive skin and actually provides all-day-long protection! I've become a huge fan of this deodorant since giving it a try and I’m not going back to the gel deodorant that quite frankly didn’t always do the job and last throughout the day- and was chalked full of unwanted ingredients that I didn’t really want to put into my skin in the first place! I love that this one is great for summer as it’s lightweight enough, won’t cause staining when you sweat, and it smells wonderful :)

The coconut + vanilla fragrance combo provides lasting power throughout the day without being overpowering or irritating. Want free shipping on your order too? Snag this product from Native’s site and add it as a subscription and save even more, at only $10 every 2 months or you can opt to choose a personalized delivery schedule to fit your needs, of anywhere between once a month to every 2, 3, or 4 months for delivery. Not sure this scent is right for you? Native has a women’s deodorant travel sample pack that features 5 travel size bars of: coconut & vanilla, cucumber & mint, lavender & rose, aloe & eucalyptus, and vanilla & rose. Snag this awesomely affordable sample pack for only $24…makes an excellent gift at that pricing and is great for those on-the-go gals & for summer travel too!

I just received my second order from Native today. I do not think that I will ever go back to regular deodorant anymore. My skin is very sensitive and I often would find myself with bumps caused by clogged pores caused by other deodorants. Since I have begun using this product I have not had that problem and it was an issue that I was experiencing for years. Doing research and learning the chemicals that are part of common deodorants is mind baffling. It reinforced my decision to switch over for good.
— Judy Ruiz *Verified buyer
I have the mini size one of this and I am wearing it right now, lol. I was skeptical of something that was different and had aluminum. I don’t know or understand the difference. What I do know is that this stuff goes on light, has a nice light scent to it, and it works beautifully! I have sensitive skin and a sensitive nose so finding something like this has made me really happy. I don’t sweat when I’m wearing this and I feel fresh. Pretty happy with it.
— *5-Star review from verified buyer
Have tried a few and this is the only one that stays smelling good after a long day of work.
— LG *Verified purchaser
I purchased the Coconut Vanilla and love it!! I’ve been systematically going through every brand of natural, aluminum free, deodorant I could find and each time I was sadly disappointed... until now! I’m surprised at the effectiveness and how comfortable I am all day long! I’m not cringing from my own odor by 2pm!! I read that after a swipe or two, you are to rub in the residual product into your armpit. That seems to be a good technique because I’m protected all day! No aluminum, paraban free and the smell is yummy!! So grateful to my friend for telling me about this awesome product. I think I’ll order a masculine scent for hubby now!
— DW * Verified purchaser