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The Beauty Closet's NIRA Info, Review, & Coupon Code!

Introducing NIRA… The Beauty Closet’s recommended skincare product of the year + snag an awesome discount below…exclusive for The Beauty Closet readers!

It’s finally here and available to everyone- a patented device that offers the very same technology found in dermatologists offices, all in the comfort of your own home! How exactly does it work? There’s real science behind this unique Class 2 professional medical device that’s also FDA cleared as safe & effective to use. The NIRA contains a skincare laser that transmits through the skin’s dermis- without actually harming your skin’s epidermis; as a bodily response, the skin begins to rebuild collagen due to the stimulation provided by the device. As a result, the skin is lifted and the signs of aging appear to be virtually reversed :0 It is safe to use on all skin types & tones and offers a real solution that’s natural- that means you can skip the complex regimens, painful & often expensive procedures, and less-desirable options such as needles & chemicals that you’d rather not put into your skin or body!

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average costs of laser skin treatments are around $2,071 for ablative & $1,144 for non-ablative treatments! NIRA’s skincare laser retails at $499 and their hyaluronic acid serum retails for $99. Luckily though, you can currently save by click on the banners below or the following link —> for extra discounts and check out some of NIRA’s other great offers that will let you save even more! That’s several hundred dollars less than the average skincare laser treatment in a dermatologists office or salon :0 Be sure to check out my review, below!

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>click above to snag your DISCOUNT!<




The kit I received, would be the standard kit ordered through NIRA’s skincare laser payment plan or snag the unit outright, with the company’s current deals ongoing on their site. Included in my box was a medical-grade power supply AC/DC adapter with USB-C charging cable, the NIRA skincare laser unit, an instructional manual, and a full-sized bottle of NIRA’s hyaluronic acid advanced serum. When it arrived, it already appeared charged and although I was eager to get started, I decided against it before I even got started on using the unit. I always want to ensure that I’m properly informed and understand fully what I am doing before just diving into a new skincare routine, device, or product. When it comes to something as unique and different as a skincare laser device, I thought it best to thoroughly read the instructions provided- more than once; I also strongly recommend that you do the same. I haven’t really seen a device like this one out on the market and you’ll want to make sure you understand how to properly use & handle the device. The instructions are easy to read and the first couple of pages provide a quick start guide that walks you through the entire treatment process in 4 steps:

-wash & dry the face

-Power on the device

-test your treatment level

-treatment [process]

The pain is pretty minimal and that’s really saying something considering that it is a laser is firing at your skin- although it’s very so briefly. For those of you also wondering, no- you can’t just hold the laser there indefinitely and harm your skin; the laser only fires for a brief second, if even that and then it’s off and ready for you to move to your next treatment area. There are 5 power levels and I recommend starting with the lowest level and working your way up as your go through treatment. I have been using the unit for a few days at this point, I am still working at the first level.

When it comes to skin sensitivity, I’m quite high on the scale and can easily experience redness and adverse reactions to a variety of treatments- so I’ve chosen to stick with a gradual increase to the next level at around every 3-4 weeks of my treatment plan. So far, I’ve not experienced redness, pain, swelling, or any other adverse affects :) The unit is super easy to use- you simply press the button on the unit and the beep indicators let you know its successfully fired the laser on & off, while receiving skin contact by the unit. If you fail to get complete skin contact with the unit, you will hear another indicator that tells you. Once you’ve completed a round of 40 short treatments in the designated area & track the instructional booklet advises, you hear an indicator tune so you know when to go to the other eye!


After 3 days of usage- twice daily, I’ve already started to notice a reduction in the fine lines & wrinkles that have begun to creep underneath my eyes in the past couple of years. I was initially worried that the treatment itself would hurt, but I have been pleasantly been surprised with each treatment! Although there is a bit of brief heat in the treatment area, this disappears as quickly as it arrives. I’ve also discovered that by applying the hyaluronic acid advanced serum from NIRA that came with my kit immediately after each treatment, there’s no discomfort, dryness, or redness. With a 99% composition- there are just 4 ingredients in this awesome serum: water, sodium hyaluronate, pheonoxyethanol, & ethylhexylglycerin. That makes the treatment and the company’s serum great options for those with skin conditions- such as super-sensitive & acne-prone skin! It seems NIRA knew what they were doing when they created a great daily use facial serum that’s even better when used in combination with this one-of-a-kind skincare tool.

When looking at overall ease-of-use, I found the NIRA to be a cinch to use and it took around 5 minutes to complete my entire routine, treating both eyes with the unit and applying the serum on each eye after treatment. That makes the NIRA a real time-saver and perfect for those always on-the-go, busy moms, students, and travelling! You get a salon-style treatment- in the comfort of your own home, for half the price and without the pain…that’s a major win in my book! I did ask my husband if there were any noticeable differences & improvements in my eye area and he also agreed that it looked tighter & smoother. Be sure to be on the lookout for this page to update with weekly updates so you can learn about my progress in the upcoming months- plus, I’ll be sure to include photos & videos as well!!!

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