Closet’s 3 product must-haves for Summer- Part III: Bausch + Lomb Lumify Eye Drops!

by Christina

Part II Top 3 Summer Must-Haves:

Bausch + Lomb

Lumify Eye Drops


*walmart & best pricing available!

Want to get your eyes bright-eyed and ready-to-go for Summer? Try this awesome drop from Bausch + Lomb! When it comes to eye drops in general, I’m beyond picky- they have to actually make a difference with a safe formula that I’m confident on using on a daily basis and those aren’t things I find in most drops these days. These are different though- with an FDA-approved formula that contains no dyes or bleaches AND starts working at reducing drying & redness in seconds and lasts all day long, it’s not hard to realize why this product has made it to the top of my Summer must-haves list!

I tote these around with me wherever I go & they are great for when out-and-about on day trips when my eyes are tired, dry, & irritated. Improve your eye’s radiance & reduce redness- without throwing a bunch of yucky, unwanted ingredients in your eye at the same time :) What’s great about these drops in particular, is that they can even be used with contact wearers- Lumify does recommend however that those users place the drops in their eyes while wearing their contacts and instead, waiting at least 10 minutes to place their contacts back into their eyes after using the product. There are 2 size options: a 2.5 mL & 7.5 mL bottle- the smaller of the two will give you about 75 drops and the largest bottle contains about 225 drops. Simply put 1 drop into each eye up to 4x’s daily in order to get the best results.