Can't Live with The Beauty Closet's Top 2 Recommended Hair Picks from Not Your Mother's: Part I

by Christina

Part I: Summer Hair Care Must-Haves

Not Your Mother’s

Beach Babe Soft Waves Sea Salt Spray w/Tropical Banana


* pricing!

Think you need to spend tons of cash in order to get the perfect beach waves? Not any more! I’ve fallen in love with this brand for their affordability and quality combination, in addition to the various collections they have curated to address a variety of beauty needs. This awesome sea salt spray has been brought back this season with something new- a tropical banana scent that’s infused with sea salt, aloe, and sea kelp. Simply place hair into sections and then generously spritz on damp hair- it can be used on dry hair too! Allow the hair to air dry naturally after application or try adding a diffuser into the mix to give your hair extra volume- or just use your fingers to create texture & soft waves. What I really love about this one- besides the price, is that it can protect against dryness by restoring it with aloe extract- while giving texture, separation, & body. The well-designed spray bottle comes allows for an even, fine mist and does feature a lock so you won’t make a mess if you want to take it with you on-the-go, vacations, and touch-ups. I also absolutely LOVE the way this one smells- like Summer all wrapped into one fabulous package that will leave your hair smelling noticeably wonderful…!