Update: The Beauty Closet's Top Innovative Skincare Product of 2019: NIRA

by Christina

Update…Update…Read All About It!


Now that it’s been a month into my journey with the NIRA, I’m excited to say that I’ve started to notice and see a real difference :0 I’m only 30 days into my daily use with this awesome, revolutionary skincare device. One of the biggest things I’ve seen an improvement in are the fine lines that have begun to creep in around my eyes- some of them I can hardly see at this point and I can also feel that they are virtually gone! I’ve also noticed a big improvement in the skin smoothness around my eyes and I’ve had to use less makeup as a result too! My husband also noted the improvements (with a bit of gentle prodding, lol!) and said he too felt that the device was actually doing what it claimed- reducing the signs of aging around my eyes. As someone who’s seen me everyday practically for the past 11 years, he’s a fairly good judge of seeing a visible difference and although I admit there are likely genes that run in the family when it comes to aging gracefully and often looking much younger than we are…I’ve still started to see some signs that no one can really banish- at least not with out surgery…that is not until the NIRA came on the scene. This innovative tool is convincing me that I don’t need to go under the knife if I have the NIRA and I’m definitely okay with that ;) I love not only saving tons of cash but also skipping on the risky, expensive, and often painful procedures…and they don’t last forever either!