Get Your Unicorn On with The Beauty Closet's Top 4 Fav Unicorn-Themed Face Masks for Summer 2019!

by Christina

4 Top Unicorn-Themed Facial Masks for Summer 2019 $20& Under!

Yes to Grapefruit

Vitamin C Glow-Boosting Unicorn Peel-Off Mask


* pricing!

Composed of 96% natural ingredients, this paraben-free- yet fun, irridescent peel-off mask is great for brightening skin and improving the skin tone as well. At this price, you can snag a few to share with friends and take with you during Summer travel I love using a mask brush and laying down a thin layer and then allowing to dry up to 15 mins., then gently peel off. It smells wonderful with the scent of grapefruit and the power of Vitamin C for effective brightening power- for a fraction of the price!

The Creme Shop

Glow Up, Skin! Animated Unicorn Face Mask


* pricing!

This special edition rainbow shimmer unicorn mask is made in Korea and it literally sparkles- leaving skin smooth and dullness restored! Have a little fun and get glowing skin while doing it and the best part? You won’t break the bank either, with this one.

Free People

Unicorn Jelly Face Mask


* pricing!

Bring on your inner unicorn spirit with this beautiful, mystical and unique jelly face mask that sparkly- yet safe for skin! Infused with ferulic acid, vitamin b, and collagen you can improve skin health, strength, and reduce the signs up aging- all for under $20! Made here in the U.S. by Free People, this one makes a great gift for any beauty-lover :)


#UnicornGlow Tencel Sheet Mask


* pricing

An antioxidant-rich mask with chocolate + mulberry to create a unique combo for improved brightening and skin tone; as an added bonus, the mask also contains honey to improve hydration too! Paraben & sulfate-free as well, this sheet mask is made up of tencel fibers which allow the ingredients to absorb more effectively into the skin since evaporation is prevented with the special fiber composition.

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