Introducing The Beauty Closet's Top Fav New Beauty Brand- Born Skincare: Part II

by Christina

Grape Seed Oil Facts:

  1. Contains more linoleic acid than ANY other carrier oil- around 70%! Linoleic acid is high in omega-6 fatty acid, which provides excellent anti-inflammatory benefits & also promotes cell repair. 
  2. This natural oil is power-packed with antioxidants that aid in reducing oxidative stress, which cause cell damage. 
  3. With a 16% oleic acid content, grape seed oil provides protection for cell membranes from free radicals- making cells less susceptible to harm. This makes it great for shaving!
  4. Boost your skin's hydration and moisture-retention which will make your skin resilient, radiant, and soft. 
  5. This awesome oil has more to offer than just skincare benefits! It's also perfect for use in cooking, due to its light & clean taste and it's utilized in aromatherapy as well.

The Beauty Closet Welcomes Our Latest Fav New Skincare Brand:

 Born Skincare Part II:

Born Skincare

The Source Collection Travel Atomizer Travel Set  

[4 ct.]


* pricing!

I really love how easy-to-use this travel set is- there are 4 great miniature-sized atomizers that each contain grape seed oil. Perfect for on-the-go, you can really take these anywhere ;) Each travel kit offers up a great selection: a 100% pure cabernet grape seed oil [The Source for Skin], 100% pure muscadine grape seed oil [The Source for Sensitive Skin], muscadine grape seed oil w/coconut & baobab oils [The Source for Mothers], & muscadine oil w/eucalyptus oil [The Source for Muscles].

These awesome oils are clean, 100% organic, toxic-free, & made here in the U.S. too...and because they are curated with top-notch quality, the oil easily absorbs well into the skin- leaving no greasiness behind :) What you do get is a relaxing & soothing feeling that leaves your skin moisturized and soft as well. The best part? There are no annoying smells to these inexpensive quality oils either! What you see, is literally what you get with this product = love!!!