Long Vs. Short: Whether You Short or a Longer-Length Hair Style, The Beauty Closet Has You Covered! Get the Latest Summer Styles for All Hair Types & Recommended Product from Macadamia Professional:

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Long Hair vs. Short Hair? Check out These Great Summer 2016 Hair Styles for both!

1. Loose Waves...or.... Sleek & Short Bob:

Both of these super cute hair trends have been spotted everywhere and they are equally flattering on both hair lengths. For medium to longer hair lengths, go the the side-swept loose bun with beautiful relaxed waves- as pictured on the left.

If you have a shorter hair cut, go for the easy sleek style pictured on the right. This is easy to achieve by flat-ironing your hair and then using styling cream or gel to complete the look. Use bobby pins to hold in place, if needed. 


2. Golden Romance...or...Greecian Goddess:

What I love about both of these styles, is that they are ultra-easy to accomplish and that means you can spend more time enjoying the Summer and less time on your hair ;) The left style pictured above, will work for both long and short hair styles! It's perfect for those with longer-hair styles as it can help keep long tresses back, out of the way and off of your face! Various shades and versions have been spotted, with metallics making the top of the list with: bronze, copper, and gold!

As for the look on the right, it can be accomplished by placing hair into sections and then placing into a low, side bun. Take a remaining section and twist or knot the hair around the bun- make sure to leave out a portion or section of hair in the front. As the last step, grab the last front section of your hair and twist midway, bringing it to the side and then tuck it around the back of your bun. You can utilize bobby pins to help hold into place and clips as pictured above, placing them where you twist each section of hair. 

3. Band it Up!...or...Braided Waves:

Loose & tousled waves look fab on short hair too! I love this super cute hair style pictured on the right, that frames the face really well and helps keep your hair off of your face- making this the perfect hair style of Summer :) There are 2 ways to go about this look: one way to do this is easy- part your hair and pull out a small front section. Braid this section completely and the wrap it across the top of your head as you would an actual headband and then utilize bobby pins to help pin it in place on the opposite side [by your ear]. The other way to try this style, is to braid a front section of your hair by creating an actual horizontal French Braid that goes across your entire crown of your head.

The latter is a bit harder to achieve on your own, although it can be done :) As for the look on the left picture, try creating this to be your unique twist or take on the style- go for a retro vibe with a mix of French Braids & twists, finishing off with a wide fabric headband. Leave the brain unfinished at the bottom and let this portion come through the other side of your headband- flat iron this portion and complete the look with finishing spray. 

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