Affordability Meets Tech For A Salon Quality Look With LIT NYC's Nail Polish at CVS!

by Christina


I LOVE the latest beauty tech and gadgets that are continually coming out these days- it's one of the great things about living in this era of has come a long ways from the days of those scary perming machines and hair curling devices! The advances in beauty have afforded the women of today with more effective, affordable, safer, and easier methods. A lot of things that were once only possible to achieve at the salon or beauty shop, can now be done in the comfort of one's own home :)

For example, at-home nail art and gel applications have become really popular for their money & time-saving factors. One really cool and unique nail item that I've come across recently, takes a different approach to getting the salon look- without actually taking the expensive trip to it :) LIT NYC nail polish has really ramped up the seasonal glam and helps you bring in the New Year in style with their Holiday Lights nail polish with LED cap! Get the lowdown about this neat item below!




Holiday Lights

Nail Polish

[w/LED cap] #153 "Power"


*snag these at!

What stood out immediately for me with LIT NYC's polish, was the creative approach that they've taken with adding a well-placed, built-in LED light. The colors are ultra rich and many have some extra sparkle, as you can see from the picture above. There's a button right on top of the cap that blends nicely and clicks on and off with a quick, easy push.

I wondered how much the LED lighting would actually help during application and I was surprised to discover that it did make it much more of a simpler task to apply well, without making a mess. I was able to achieve nice clean lines and I could definitely see that my overall paint job when complete, was noticeably better.

The quality is also very good, as I didn't notice any chipping until the end of the week, around the 6th day of application; this is pretty decent- especially when looking it the affordable price. "Power" [pictured below] is a beautiful chrome color with a chromatic turquoise to purple effect that leaves your nails with a prismatic look.

Even if you aren't the biggest fan of sparkle when it comes to your nail polish, you will most likely like this color as it's fairly dark and has just the right touch of fun and color to satisfy those at either end of the color/sparkle spectrum. I would recommend this unique brand to any lady looking for a new approach to nail polish or they just want a change- this is a great, inexpensive choice!


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