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I've found myself over the years getting slightly bored when it comes to the vast world of perfumes & fragrances- not just the scents themselves, but the standard and typical designs as well. There is a brand or 2 out there that has created something unique, yet not much else stands out for me when it comes to perfumes. I figured that there had to be a product out there that lasted all day long and had a different attitude all together right?! That goal was a tad bit more difficult that I had originally thought and I wasn't really finding a good fit- until I finally came across Lisa Hoffman Beauty. This cool approach really stood out at me from the get-go as it allows you to change the fragrance when you want in a snap ;) How does it do that?! Check out the lowdown below!

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Lisa Hoffman

Silvertone Bracelet

Perfume Blending Kit w/6 fragrances

$40 [or 4 FlexPays of $10ea.]*

*hsn pricing w/Flex-pay option!


* Silvertone curb-link bracelet

* Detachable round charm with bezel-set clear jewels throughout

.04 oz. French Clary Sage fragrance beads

.04 oz. Kerala Ashok Garden fragrance beads

.04 oz. Madagascar Orchid fragrance beads

.04 oz. Tunisian Neroli fragrance beads

.04 oz. Tuscan Fig fragrance beads

I knew I might be taking a slight risk with this item, but it was only $40 and I know I've taken a chance on products that cost much more- which is why I ultimately decided I had to give this a try. I ended up really liking the item overall and although there are a couple of downsides which I will share as well, it is something that turned out quite well ;) For starters, I chose the above kit because it seemed to give the most options and I'd never tried any of Lisa Hoffman's scents before- I had no idea which one to go for and I decided giving them all a try was perfect!

There were 2 scents in particular that I didn't care for- at all. They were just not my cup of tea I guess, but I did have my fiance share his thoughts on the same 2 and he felt similar. The Madagascar Orchid was my least fav scent out of the entire lot of perfumes and followed by a close second, was the Kerala Ashok Garden scent. I didn't really care for these 2 at all, however the remaining 4 scents were fairly pleasant. One in particular surprisingly ended up being my favorite- Tuscan Fig and that was followed by French Clary Sage- with tie of the remaining 2 perfumes.

Each tiny glass container has a metal screw-on lid and that does help keep them dry and maintain the fragrance strength. Each container is filled with several wood fragrance beads that retain their smell throughout the day really well. You can add more or less to your jewelry, depending on how strong you want it too! Because of the unique delivery system, it doesn't mix with your body chemistry- therefore changing the scent after it's applied.

This is one of the issues that really bugs me about the typical spray-on and roll-on perfume products as they do seem to change over time- especially if it's a hotter day or at the end of the day. These fragrance beads don't do that so you get an even-leveled scent that lasts all day long and never changes. I will say that none of these seem very overpowering, yet I've had others notice and ask me what I was wearing :) If you're not into the bracelet itself, you can take the charm off that contains the scent and attach to another piece of jewelry or your purse for example!

There are other options at HSN as well that include other bracelet types, necklaces, and gift sets; you can also snag other Lisa Hoffman designs- including earrings & bracelet stack sets, at her site: lisahoffmanbeauty.com.  As for the bracelet, it was a surprise LOVE for me as well- I'm not a big fan of costume jewelry in general. The reason being, is that it can often look cheap [because it is!] and it doesn't last. I was surprised at how well-designed this was for a $40 total pricing for the entire kit :0

The clear stones were even a nice touch that gave it a little glize, without overdoing it. An added bonus in regards to what the beads themselves are composed of- wood flour, cellulose, and fragrance! This makes them an excellent candidate for those that might have allergies to typical perfumes and scents. Certain perfumes have been known to cause headaches for me at times and I didn't have any issues with these fragrances at all :)

If  you're looking for a great holiday gift for any age or beauty-lover in your life, this item is a great choice! I'm super glad that I gave Lisa Hoffman's perfume jewelry a try and I'm going to get more in the future...I think I will stick to the scents I love this go around though ;) The current pricing I posted above IS sale pricing at hsn.com- it's normally around $70 for this particular product. It doesn't state how long this sale is happening, but there IS Flex-pay on this item as well and I'm guessing it might be on sale at least for a few days!

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