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The are times when I wonder myself if this is actually possible- one only has to take a quick glance at some of the season's runway styles to know that it's probably not easy to achieve. Without your own personal stylist or going to the salon on an impossible basis, many of these styles are very difficult to create on your own or not all that transferable in the real world. Not being one to shy away from trying out new styles and beauty trends in general, I've some of these a go and the results have not always turned out. But hey, that's the risk you take in beauty sometimes ;) You didn't think I'd just leave you hanging now did you?! Of course not :) The Beauty Closet has you covered! Get my top 5 easy winter hair styles below:




This is a super easy style to achieve! When it comes to this style, it does work best for medium to longer in length hair- but it will work for shorter hair styles as well [I have slightly above shoulder length hair and I can still put in a smaller messy bun :) You can style your hair beforehand with a light wave or curl if you like. After styling or just as it already is, brush you hair to one side and put up in a high, loose ponytail. Leave out a couple of pieces of hair that you can also wrap loosely around the bun and then pin in place. You can take one of the pieces of hair that you leave out and braid or twist it too, leaving a unique touch to this style. Finish up this look with bobby pins and then a nice spritz of strong-hold hairspray. 


You can easily create this look with a temporary spray-on silver hair color. Pick a 1-2 small sections of hair that frame the face. Spray closer and several passes on the section(s) for a more over-the-top look or if you want to try the look out with a subtle approach,  lightly spritz the section with one pass while holding the can further away. This look is perfect for down styles or up-do's. High Beams Intense Temporary Spray-on color in Silver it a great option that costs right around $5 and washes out with one shampoo. 


What I LOVE about this season's braids is that it really can be a style all your own- these have been seen in so many different styles and versions almost everywhere! You can have fun with this style and either keep it simple like the braid pictured above and on the left. Start at the nape of your neck and make sure your hair has been smoothed with a flat iron and smoothing balm or serum and utilize a simple braid. Tie with string or a metal clip at the nape of your neck/top of the braid and secure with in a similar fashion at the bottom.

The braid on the right can be achieved by parting the hair into sections and either french braiding or utilizing several rows of braids, going back to halfway back on your head. leave out a couple of sections of hair on each side that are non-braided. Pulling back all of the sections together- braided and non-braided, secure them together in a low bun or ponytail. Use pins to help keep snugly into place. 



Achieve this style by sweeping the hair all to one side and then secure into place with clips or the longer,thicker bobby-pins. Spray with smoother and hairspray on the swept side and smooth it down to rid fly-aways and loose strands. While twisting the hair in the opposite direction that you swept it in the beginning- then pull the hair up from the bottom and up while twisting your hair all the way. You can tuck the ends in or leave them hanging out and utilizing pins to put put up the remaining sections. I like this style for going out or when I don't have much time- it's a quick and simple way to look fab :)



Although this is a big trend on the runways and I know they don't always transfer very well when it comes to the real world, this is a style that does! All types of unique and different clips and ponytail fasteners have been seen for the season. This is a super easy trend that's not difficult to accomplish. Start with a low ponytail, slicking down hair with cream or serum and fastening with a sparkly bobble or leather band such as the one pictured above. Metals and metallic shades are huge this season too :)

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