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This is often easier said than done right?! I've had a difficult time myself finding the right products that meet my busy life-style and still allow me to feel as though I've spent quite a bit more time on my look! There are many products out there that make a lot of claims in regards to being able to save you time, steps, and money- yet they often don't seem to actually bring what they promise.

That doesn't mean though that those type of beauty products don't exist, they are just a bit more challenging to discover! One of my FAV brands right now that really seems to hit it on the mark when it comes to creating the perfect on-the-go beauty solutions for today's busy woman, is WANDER BEAUTY. I love their carefully picked colors and the classic design of each piece.

They are great at curating items that are easy to use and offer top-notch quality :) Today I wanted to share with all of you my top 3 picks from WANDER BEAUTY that inspire simple & classic beauty: Exquisite Eye Liquid Shadow- in "Mocha", Slide Liner Gel Eyeliner- in Indigo Blue, and the Frame Your Face Micro Brow Pencil- in Blonde. Don't miss the lowdown on what these products are all about below! 




WANDER BEAUTY Exquisite Eye Liquid Shadow in "Mocha" $26

I really LOVED the look and feel of this liquid eye shadow from the start- it doesn't crease and stays put ALL day. You do want to make sure that you blend fairly quickly following application as the color "sets" after about 15-20 seconds of drying time, which was really the only drawback I found with the product. However the color pigmentation and silky smooth look that results meant that having to blend immediately after I applied was something I could easily overlook ;)


The packaging is really sleek and the wand allows for application even when on-the-go! This is great for even those with sensitive skin too and excellent women of all ages. This is an all-round fantastic eye shadow product that anyone can use and trust me you will LOVE this one!



WANDER BEAUTY Slide Liner Gel Eyeliner in "Indigo Blue" $22

I'm honestly not a huge fan of gel eyeliners...why?! They normally don't work for me- I have oily skin and super sensitive eyes which means they generally cause my eyes to water, the product ends of moving and smearing, or they don't last that long and seemingly disappear :/

The pricing usually tends to be at a higher price-point as well and that can sting a bit when you get what you think is a great eyeliner- only to discover it's far from what it claims. THIS Slid Liner Gel Eyeliner from WANDER BEAUTY completely changed my mind :) The liner goes on super smooth and easy without having to use much force and will blend and smudge before locking into place or "setting".

Indigo Blue Eyeliner

Indigo Blue Eyeliner

Indigo Blue  Swatch

Indigo Blue Swatch

You have around 15-20 seconds before this happens which I found to be enough time to achieve the look I was going for. Once it sets, this product really does stay in its place and does an excellent job of doing this all day :0 If you've been looking for a great new eyeliner, give this one from WANDER BEAUTY A try- you won't be disappointed! The eyeliner does come in 3 different colors: Smokey Black, Bronzed Brown, and Indigo Blue [this is the one I snagged]. 

If you've been looking for a great new eyeliner, give this one from WANDER BEAUTY A try- you won't be disappointed! The eyeliner does come in 3 different colors: Smokey Black, Bronzed Brown, and Indigo Blue [this is the one I snagged]. 


Micro Eyebrow Pencil-  in Blonde

Micro Eyebrow Pencil- in Blonde

WANDER BEAUTY Frame Your Face Micro Brow Pencil in "Blonde" $21

Blonde Micro Pencil Swatch

Blonde Micro Pencil Swatch

Get prepared...I'm about to absolutely RAVE about this brown pencil from WANDER BEAUTY- it's awesome. I'm not a huge fan of pencils and really stopped using them that often. The reason being, is that I found a couple of powders, gel, and pomade that work beautifully and they also give me nice natural-looking brows. I've found that in the past when using a pencil, it just doesn't give me the same effect and they often look drawn in- after all, they are! This Micro Brow Pencil didn't have that quality at all and not only did I find this product truly "fool-proof", but I found the results were natural and polished looking. The color was perfect for me and I do often have difficulty it seems finding the right color for my blonde, light-brown, and red highlighted hair. The are 3 colors available: Blonde [my pick], Taupe, and Dark Brown to accommodate different skin tones/hair colors. There's a nice brow brush too that makes this item perfect to take-with and allows for an easy two-step process that makes almost anyone a brow expert in no-time :)


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