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I'm sure that I am not alone in the on-going struggle with acne that I've had for years! For me, I didn't actually have that many issues with my skin until I got into my 20's and it only seemed to get worse :0 What really caused the biggest problem for me in regards to acne, was when I made the decision to begin taking Depo-Provera. I thought I'd done the proper research in regards to the risks of this hormone, but I began to quickly realize that perhaps I had made an error in judgement.

Besides the terrible head-aches, body aches, hot-flashes, and exhaustion that it made me feel- my skin started to show negative effects as well. Then the cystic acne started to appear and I felt absolutely mortified :0 For those unfamiliar with this skin condition, it affects more people than you many realize and it's normally an issue reserved for adults. The breakouts are similar to normal acne breakouts, except they are often worse as they contain larger "mounds" or bumps that are deep underneath the skin and usually lead to permanent scaring as well :/

These flare-ups can even last for years and effect large areas of the skin. It took about a year for me to be completely rid of the cystic acne I had and that was after I stopped taking the hormone therapy injections! It took a lot care and hard work to get my skin back to some normalcy, yet there were some lingering scars as a result. Luckily though, I've also managed to find a couple of great products to add to my skincare and makeup routine that have significantly helped in giving my skin a healthy boost & reduce my scaring ;) That's how we get to today's recommended products from Oxygenetix! 






Oxygenating Moisturizer


[ 50ml. size]*

* pricing!

When it comes to moisturizers I'm beyond picky- mainly for the reasons stated above. As my skin is subject to breaking out at the drop of a hat, I tend to steer clear of many moisturizers. They will often either cause me to break out or I just don't care for the feel that it leaves on my skin- especially when underneath my makeup.

This moisturizer from Oxygenetix doesn't do that at all- it's just fabulous :) It dries quickly and doesn't leave a greasy residue behind. It's perfect for underneath your favorite makeup or as an excellent companion to go with Oxygenetix's Oxygenating Foundation. The well-designed pump container allows for the right amount of product to be dispensed without wasting or making a mess and that's a nice plus.

I do understand that this is a bit on the higher side of the price-range when looking at a moisturizer, however if you've struggled with constant skin issues such as acne, rosacea, or sensitivity- this moisturizer is the way to go! As for where you can find this awesome product, that can be a bit challenging- unless you have me ;) You can purchase this at the Dermstore- they're any authorized retailer OR you can check out the locator at:



Oxygenating Foundation

in "Pearl"


* pricing!

I thought I'd really tried the gamut of foundations until I found this one from Oxygenetix. Not only does this makeup really deliver it's promise of full-coverage, but the end results are beautiful and flawless. I use my beautyblender sponge to cover scars and other issues first and then utilize this around my under eye area as well.

It's also very buildable and blendable too, which makes it a great candidate for even those who might consider themselves to be "makeup challenged" ;) This product can give you a flawless, perfect finish without minimal effort and will cover even the most difficult of scars and discoloration! The color that I chose was "Pearl" as I have super light, almost porcelain skin- yet the shade matched very well with my skin tone.

I often run into an issue with matching my skin tone, but I loved the color on me the first time I wore it :) The awesome thing about this foundation is the more you use it, the healthier and better your skin looks and feels- it's well worth the price! You will LOVE this makeup the first time you get your hands on it! You can score this one as well by searching for it at or purchasing at


Photo by lofilolo/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by lofilolo/iStock / Getty Images

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