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I LOVE meeting new brands and seeing what they're all about- I've always felt fairly convicted in regards to remaining open about trying out new lines and brands. Why?- Because if  you don't try out new things when they come along, you might just miss out on a fab new product or beauty item that could make your life easier! Also, it's a great idea to keep your beauty routine fresh and varied so that your skin reacts to this in turn- instead of getting stuck in a "rut".

This happens to many of us and it's super easy to do, but giving your beauty regimen a little bit of change every now-and-then helps aid in continual skin health & improvement. I've seen this firsthand and noticed an improvement in my own skin when I started to try and stick with this mantra as much as I could :) A great brand that I've come across recently that I think is fabulous for their quality and superb products, is Equitance.

The company began in Japan 18 years ago with a quest for finding out the mysteries of achieving radiant, glowing beauty. They've managed to combine the best of Eastern & Western research and beauty practices in order to bring products that are backed by proven clinical technology. I thought I would share 6 of their top products over today and tomorrow, giving you the lowdown on what Equitance is all about! 





hydrating brightening cream


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All of Equitance's products boast quality that you can see from the start! This is on of my favorite products in their line too. It has just the balance of scent, texture, and effectiveness to make it a wonderful all-in-one brightening cream. The product comes nicely boxed as well with options to open the packaging the traditional way, via the lid on top- or you can choose to open a sealed tab with an arrow pictured on it.

I was introduced to Equitance and once I tried it, I am no longer using any other product. Some products you have to wait a while to see results, but Equitance was visible immediately. First, it is creamy, spells good, makes you want to use it and it only takes a small amount. Lastly, it gives a subtle sheen, a softness and gently correct imperfections. I simply love this product and highly recommend everyone to try it.
— D *

Why is this so cool?- this means you can easily open the entire box and retrieve your product without tearing up the packaging or having too much difficulty getting to it in the first place :) Equitance doesn't stop there though- each flap [including the inside of the box] contains useful information from the included products in the line, what the product itself does, and even usage steps. As for the container itself, its well-made and easy to use with a screw-on lid and inside cover to prevent the product from moving around or leaking out around the edges.

There's even an included applicator tool that allows for you to get out just the right amount of product without making a mess or wasting it! One thing I really love about this brightening cream in particular, is that it isn't too heavy and won't leave your skin feeling greasy after application. It absorbs really well into the skin and I started to see how luminous and refreshed my skin looked and felt within the first week of usage.

This will also leave your skin very soft and smooth, with nice hydration that won't cause breakouts either. I am breakout-prone and tend to stray away from day and night creams on at least daily application because of the possibility that I could have these issues, but I didn't notice that problem with this item from Equitance- at all! I would highly recommend this product for any skin type or age. 



brightening foaming cleanser



When it comes to foaming cleansers, I really tend to like idea of them and generally use one on a regular basis. What stood out about this one for me, was how great it smelled and how thick and creamy the formula was. It's very rich, but also rinses off well and leaves your face feeling well-moisturized- yet cleansed and rejuvenated! At 4.2 ounces, you're getting a good deal too :)

The squeeze-tube container means you can get out what you are needing, without getting the cleanser all over the place. It also comes similarly-boxed as the above mentioned products I'm reviewing today, with a sealed-tab opening too. I would recommend this cleanser for any skin type and this would make a great gift for any beauty-lover as well. 




brightening serum + spot corrector


In my opinion, this might be the BEST product that Equitance has to offer and it's also one of my top picks :) This product is loved by many because it delivers what it says it will do: real results that you can see! If you've been one to struggle with hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and other skin discolorations and even scaring- this is THE product for you! I started seeing results with the first usage and it's only improved as I've continued to use the product.

I just started using Equitance brightening serum and spot corrector and am already impressed. In just a few short days, I am already seeing my brown spots slowly lighten. I have melasma on both of my cheeks, so I am really excited to continue using the product for maximum results. The serum is pretty lightweight and has a fresh scent to it!
— Devrank *

It absorbs really quickly and easily into the skin, while having a nice consistency that lets the serum spread with little effort. This means you can get just the right amount of product without wasting what you don't need! As for the packaging and container itself, it's equally of fantastic quality such as I mentioned in the above reviewed brightening cream.

I would say a slight downside of this item and really the only one that I could find, was that it's a bit higher on the pricing scale than many might want to spend. I can however say, that this product is well worth the price and you do get a 1 oz. sized container. 

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