Seeking a cute and affordable holiday gift for the beauty-lover on your list? The Beauty Closet recommends: London SOHO NewYork Disney's Cinderella cosmetic bag collection

by Christina


As someone that LOVES beauty, I understand that it can mean others may wonder exactly what to get me. Since I also have my own beauty blog, that poses even more difficulty as I've tried the gamut of beauty products and unique tools out there too! I will say though, that there's light at the end of the tunnel- even though we may be beauty-obsessed there are always some "safe bets". There are a few things we can never have enough of- even if we do love all-things-beauty ;)

For starters, I'm almost always in need of organizers and other unique containers to organize and hold all of my beauty tools and products! A girl can never have too many lip glosses or lip products in general and a nice scent in a pretty bottle are other good choices! One of my fav's right now that is super affordable and makes the perfect gift, is the adorable Disney London SOHO NewYork cosmetic case collection. Not only they are inexpensive, but any woman of any age can appreciate these! Get the lowdown on 2 of my top picks below...

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London SOHO NewYork

Disney Cinderella Collection

Cosmetic Train Case

8.75x4x7 [size]



Being organized is something I've always been proud of mastering from an early age; I think this approach to most aspects of my life has only increased- to include areas such as my beauty products and tools! This is why I'm a huge fan of beauty organizers that do the job and they still know how to have a little fun at the same time ;) London SOHO NewYork knows just how to do that with their absolutely adorable Disney cosmetic case collections.

They have numerous characters from different movies, with various types of organizers that have several shapes and sizes to choose from. Their Cosmetic Train Case from the Cinderella collection is one of my fav size options that SOHO offers. The entire case is a soft material and it's just the right size to allow for you to carry on-the-go or on trips and still utilize this one for beauty organization at-home too :)

I love storing my smaller palettes, shadows, and other beauty items in this particular train case as they fit perfectly! I would recommend this one for any beauty-lover of any age and at this price, you can afford to snag one for yourself from the Disney Cinderella Collection from London SOHO. 

London SOHO NewYork

Disney Cinderella Collection

Cosmetic 2pc. Clutch Set

9.75x2.25x7.25 [size]


This was the first time that I've managed to get my hands on the cosmetic 2pc. Clutch Set option and I LOVE it :) It's perfect for things that you are afraid of making a mess or just getting all over the place; yet, it allows for you to put in additional items inside the cute smaller clutch that fits easily inside the larger see-through, zip-up case.

You get the best of both worlds with this set all for around $10- that's a steal in my book :) This makes a great gift for any beauty-obsessed gal in your life and it's also a great gift for yourself at this pricing! Plus, as part of the SOHO Cinderella collection, it's just super cute. As an added bonus, the outer case has the ability to be easily cleaned too.

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