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One of my favorite things about beauty around this time of year, are all the great deals and unique limited edition and hard-to-snag sets come out. A lot of big brands will also release special sizes and opportunities to score their top products for a really good price- I call them beauty stocking-stuffers.

I've seen quite a few out there this holiday season and I wanted to share some of my top picks. Plus, I've got an bonus review of my top fav's from today's list from Momoup..and YES- it's only $9.99! All of the items listed today are $10 or under, which means you can pick up a couple of these beauty stocking-stuffers for yourself too! ;)

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INGREDIENTS:      Pure White Petrolatum (Surgical Grade), Cotton Seed Oil, Trade Secret Blend of Essential Oils, Botanicals.

INGREDIENTS: Pure White Petrolatum (Surgical Grade), Cotton Seed Oil, Trade Secret Blend of Essential Oils, Botanicals.

1. Rosebud Perfume Co.- Rosebud Salve $6

I really like salves- especially if they have a natural approach and as you can see by the above ingredients, this one from Rosebud Perfume Co. fits the bill perfectly! It smells wonderful and is under $10, making it a great steal too :)

Limited Edition @

Limited Edition @

2. Ole Henriksen- Cleanse & Glow on the Go $10

Ole Henriksen makes awesome skincare products and this set features 2 of his best! The foaming cleanser and brightening exfoliating cloths are great for all skin types. I love the fresh and citrus scent the cleanser has and it will leave skin feeling rejuvenated and cleansed- without drying!

3. TonyMoly- Petit Bunny Gloss Bar $9 ea.

Although we may not be little girls anymore, I don't really feel it means that we can't have a little fun with our beauty routine too! As little girls, we get the opportunity it seems, to be a bit silly and cute with our skincare and makeup. But as grown women, we aren't always encouraged to do this. I totally get where others are coming from...BUT I think it's okay to have a little fun with beauty too ;)

That's what I LOVE about TonyMoly- they make absolutely adorable little creations like the Bunny Gloss Bars pictured above and I haven't found too many companies out there that are like them! I have a couple of different flavors from this collection- my fav is the first from the left in grape; the color is a light and sheer pink. 

4. WHISH Body Butter Ornament- in Vanilla Mint $9

Whish is another brand that I've really been into lately- they have quality products with quality ingredients. They usually offer something unique around the holidays, as they did for the 2015 season with the above Body Butter Ornament. I love that Whish took a fun and unique approach, without overdoing it! 

*find at!

*find at!

5. EOS Holiday Lip Pack $8.99

I have actually been using EOS since I started seeing them around a few years ago here in the U.S. and they are one of my go-to inexpensive lip balm brands! They pride themselves in creating quality products that contain natural ingredients and don't cost an arm-and-a-leg :) One reason why I really like their lip products, is that they come uniquely packaged in a twist open pod-like design that has a round "ball" of lip balm that makes it super easy to apply the product- without making a hug mess or wasting it...yeah!

* find @

* find @

6. SMASHBOX- Art. Love. /Primer Pair $10

Smashbox is an excellent quality makeup and skincare brand and this happens to contain one of their best products in my opinion: their primer! This stuff really works and it takes very little! You will see and feel the difference the very first time you use it- any beauty-obsessed gal would LOVE this duo! Not only is this a fab stocking-stuffer, but at this price- you can afford to snatch up one for yourself as well :) 

7. Momoup Makeup Blotting Papers- Panda $9.99

This is another great example of how to have a bit of fun with your beauty routine and tackle a common, age-old problem: shine from excess dirt and oil! Get the lowdown on this adorable item below...




Makeup Blotting Papers



When I came across this little guy, I knew I had to snag this one :) I've managed to get a couple of other items that are similar, but I have never seen anything for blotting papers-like this cute panda from Momoup! Not only is it affordable, but it contains an item than almost anyone can use!

Blotting papers a really nice to have on-hand, and this adorable panda lets you take this on the go...or you can just leave him laying around for cuteness ;) If you're seeking the perfect stocking-stuffer for the beauty-lover in your life, this is THE item to get them. What's also cool about these in particular, is that it allows for you to get out a customized size for each usage.

This is super easy to do as well, since there are 2 opposing rows of teeth that meet together to provide a tearing function for easy customization! The little panda even sits up on his feet really well as the base is flat, making it a fun conversation starter for sure. I can't wait to find another cute piece to add to my increasing collection! Any beauty-obsessed chica would adore this :)


* View with 3D glasses for a neat effect!

*View with 3D glasses for a neat effect!

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