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There are about 200 species of these plants worldwide and there is also a very similar family of plants that are often mistaken for willowherbs, called fireweeds. Willowherb has been used in the UK for treatment of disorders such as hormone imbalances and fireweed is used a sweetener here in the U.S. Both of these herbs have been utilized in alternative medicine by Native Americans from Alaska and Canada for centuries.

As for skincare benefits, willowherb is a natural anti-inflammatory that will soothe & calm the skin. It's also great at fighting acne with it's anti-bacterial & astringent-like properties too! If you have ongoing skin conditions such as rosacea & dermatitis, this is a natural ingredient that really works :) I recently discovered an awesome product from Derma-e, that contains willowherb and other natural ingredients- make sure to check out more about it below!




Evenly Radiant Dark Circle Eye Creme


This was the first product that I have tried from derma-e, however I was quite excited about giving this brand a try! They have top-notch quality with a natural approach in mind :) I've definitely given a variety of eye products a go, but this one stood out to me for a couple of reason. Firstly, the eye creme is formulated as a tinted product which not only helps with reduction in under-eye issues, but allows for you to wear easily with-or without makeup. I also LOVE that I get instant results with this eye cream AND I've continued to get improvement with long-term usage [more than 2 weeks]. If you have super sensitive skin, you should have no worries either- I have beyond sensitive skin and I had no issues with daily usage of this product :) I've also seen some reduction in the fine lines and puffiness underneath my eyes with continual usage. I would recommend this one for any woman and for all skin types!


Vitamin E Intensive Therapy Body Balm


There are quite a few similar treatments out there, but the majority of them contain some pretty undesirable ingredients as well :0 Thankfully, derma-e comes to the rescue here with their Intensive Therapy Body Balm; not only is the product really effective at tackling super rough and dry areas thirsting for much-needed hydration- but it's crafted with good-for-you, natural ingredients!

This body balm is formulated with awesome stuff like: Green Tea Leaf Extract, Cranberry See Oil, Organic Olive Fruit Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, and more! The texture is thick and creamy, yet it doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy and it absorbs quite well into the skin. If you often struggle with skin issues like eczema for example, then this is a great product for you as well :) 

Julep Beauty Box Subscription


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Red and Gold Ombre Nail Tutorial

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