Have you ever heard of ear candling? Learn What it's Really All About + Recommended product from The Beauty Closet: Wally's Natural Unscented Ear Candles

by Christina


As someone who is open to a variety of approaches and beauty treatments, I wanted to see what ear candling was all about. I'd heard very little about it until I started to do some in-depth research about what it actually was. There is a dispute of sorts as to when the practice was started, but it is believed that the Greeks may have begin using ear candling around 2500 BC. It's also been reported that various Native American tribes used to channel smoke into the ears by utilizing a cone-shaped item, placed in the ear.

The ACTA or Auricular Candle Therapy Association is the professional organization that's main aim is to educate on the procedure; it also maintains a register of qualified professionals that can provide Ear Candle Therapy services to others. This is a highly recommended organization to use in choosing a certified practitioner to administer the treatment of ear candling and is great resource for further information too! This method can be used at-home, however I would strongly suggest to use caution and care while ear candling. If you do have someone else to assist you as well during the procedure, this will make the entire process much easier :)

Once you are ready to give ear candling a try, use the following simple tips and it shouldn't be too much effort. You will want to ensure that your hair, face, neck, and head are protected beforehand; I chose to use a piece of cardboard that I cut into a circle and cut out a hole in the center of the cardboard disk. This allows for the ear candle to fit through the disk and it can be slid down as the candle burns. I also placed a towel around my head and down the backside of my neck.

When ready, place the smaller end gently in your ear- getting someone to help with this [especially once lit] will definitely make this part much easier. As the candle continues to burn down, you can slide the protection disk too. Once the ear candle has about 4" left, you will want to stop the candle from burning- this should be where you see the burn line as well. Want to give this unique and relaxing method a try? Make sure to check out The Beauty Closet's recommended product from Wally's Natural below!



Wally's Natural

Ear Candles

[2 candles] unscented Beeswax


*wallysnatural.com pricing!

These are super affordable and easy to use- plus they are made with care from Wally's Natural. Wally's Natural products began in California in 1991 and is still a family-run business today- with their natural ear care products being sold in over 20,000 retail outlets. They strive to remain eco-friendly with 100% solar-powered facilities, green manufacturing, recyclable packaging, & the support of organic culture.

When it comes to quality, Wally's doesn't skimp out on making top-notch ear candles eithe; they only use certified organic ingredients and manufacturing of their products in a controlled environment. I chose to go with unscented with this particular pair, but they also offer many other varieties such as: Lavender, Herbal, Beeswax, Soy Blend, & Paraffin!

I loved how refreshed and relaxed I felt after the treatment and found it was actually super easy to do, even with it being my first time to try out ear candling. If you've been looking to try out this unique approach, these ear candles from Wally's Naturals are the way to go- not only are they inexpensive, but they are made with natural and quality ingredients. 

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