Bring on the Glitz & Glam for the New Year with a Unique & Beautiful Fragrance Bracelet from Lisa Hoffman Beauty:

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I'm always on the hunt for different and unique approaches to beauty- which is why I new I had found something special when I discovered the fragrance jewelry from Lisa Hoffman Beauty. I was immediately a fan of Lisa's stylish and beautiful take on wearable fragrance and I haven't really seen anything else out there like it.

As women, you might know the struggle of wearing perfumes, body sprays and other scents: they often over-priced, fade, and they end up smelling quite different from one person to the next. These scents often mix with our body chemistry as well, changing the scent over time and throughout the day, leaving it smelling entirely different and perhaps not the direction you wanted to go either :/

Lisa Hoffman's solution is perfect- why not wear your fragrance with a unique delivery method, that allows for all-day wear without an unpleasant experience :) You get the added benefit of wearing stylish jewelry AND smelling fantastic! Want to know more?! Make sure to see The Beauty Closet's review of a limited edition holidays bracelet below:


Lisa Hoffman

Triple Strand Champagne Faceted Bracelet


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This limited edition bauble is absolutely stunning and I was super lucky to get my hands on this one. I purchased a Lisa Hoffman Beauty bracelet a couple of months ago that offered up a collection of her scents and a removable silver charm on a silver link, adjustable chain. This bracelet takes things up a notch with 3 beautiful strands of sparkle and shine with champagne beads with gold-toned accent beads too.

The pretty gold-toned scent holder holds together nicely with a hidden clasp that will snugly keep the holder closed without worry :) You can choose to put a couple of the scent beads or a few- its up to how strong of a fragrance you want. I love that the beads are eco-friendly and allow for you to control your scent- all while wearing it! If you're looking for a great gift for a lady of any age or one for yourself- this is the perfect choice :) A beautiful bauble like this can be worn to a New Year's get-together too!

There is an entire jar of scent beads that comes with each bracelet and some sets come with more. The jar is composed of glass and has a well-made metal screw-on lid that helps keep them fresh until you are ready to utilize them in your jewelry. I got a jar of Tuscan Fig with this particular bracelet and it happens to be my fav scent- it has a warm and light vanilla-like fragrance that's really pleasant.

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