Try These 5 Tips & Tricks to Get Fantastic Winter Lips from The Beauty Closet:

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I've definitely felt that this wasn't at all possible at times- especially when it comes to the dead of winter. Living where I do, we don't always experience the worst types of weather during the winter and it was even in the 70's a few days ago :0 This didn't last very long though as our weather tends to turn into an entirely different animal without much warning and that is exactly what happened just a couple of days later, following the lovely holiday weather.

What came next, was a bitterly cold and windy experience with snow and ice! I only had to go out in this type of environment for a short while and by the time I had arrived home, my lips were super dry and chapped :/ Luckily though, there are some easy tips you can take to prevent this type of issue with your lips when you're going to be exposed to unpleasant outside conditions-plus some tips for treatment ;) See what they're all about, plus a recommended product from The Beauty Closet that's great for healthy and soft lips!

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  1. Drink plenty of fluids- water! Avoid sugars and drinks high in sodium, citric acid = and carbonation as well. These will only aid in drying out your lips and not help it retain moisture. Coffee also isn't that great of a choice as it's packed full of tons of unhealthy ingredients- especially for your lips: caffeine, sugar [usually added to most coffee drinks in large quantities to sweeten!], & niacin [can cause itching and dryness].
  2. Turn down the heat in your home so that it's a "moderate" level and try using a humidifier- especially at night-time, while you are asleep. This will keep a good balance of the indoor environment, while encouraging moisturization of your skin and lips! 
  3. Exfoliate your lips at least once a week. You can do this naturally and easily if you like: take an 1/8th of a cup of organic brown sugar and mix with a lip balm, salve,  shea butter, or organic aloe vera. Take the mixture, dab on your lips, and then rub them together- the sugar will seemingly melt like magic within a few seconds. 
  4. When you do go outside, take the extra step of bundling up well! Stick with breathable material that will still keep you warm like a face cover, hat, and/scarf. Try breathing through your nose and avoid breathing continually through your mouth if possible- this will prevent chapped lips :)
  5. If all else fails, stick with a great lip protection product that's packed full of organic ingredients and has the additional SPF benefit as well. A wonderful product that I'm loving right now: Gosling's Original ChopSaver Lip Care. Find out more about this awesome recommended item below!



Gosling's Original

ChopSaver Lip Care

SPF15 & 100% Natural

2-Pack [one of ea.]


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Not only is this product awesomely affordable, it's composed of 10 natural ingredients that work :) The light citrus flavor is really a big plus for me, as it's just the right balance to be surprisingly very pleasant. There are 2 awesome options with ChopSaver that allow for you to get an SPF 15 protection from the sun's damaging rays and also prevent damage from weather exposure like the wind and cold!

I LOVE that this company will even let you try out their product for FREE to see if you will really like it- which I am betting you will :) When I find a great organic product that works and is made with excellent quality, I'm proud to recommend this product and put The Beauty Closet approval seal on it! This lip care item from Gosling's Original ChopSaver definitely fits the bill. 


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