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This scientific process allows for the worlds of chemistry, biology, and beauty to merge into one! This technique locates and identifies free radicals utilizing EPR or electron paramagnetic resonance and specifically searches for those radicals that are short-lived. The reason for this is that those shorter-lived free radicals are normally not detected. When using spin trapping, the free radicals found can be stabilized. So what does it do for skincare?!

This smart antioxidant is one of the most powerful around and as transformation into super useful oxygen that's eventually plays part in respiration for skin tissue. I recently came across an awesome product that contains spin trap, d-ceramides, shea butter, jojoba seed oil, resveratrol, and L-ascorbic acid that I absolutely LOVE- check out below to find out more about this great skincare item featuring the science of spin trapping!


reset yourself [beauty]

Peach Silk Moisturizer


When it comes to moisturizers, there are many out there for addressing a vast number of concerns. The problem is though, that many of these products fall short on quality, promises, and harmful ingredients that aren't actually all that good for your skin :/ You may have experienced this yourself with at least one moisturizer you've tried in the past- I've definitely seen these issues first-hand on more than one occasion.

When it comes to this moisturizer from reset yourself [beauty], you can throw all of those concerns out of the window :) I knew this product was different from the start when it arrived. The packaging is unique and I love how well-made and sleekly designed the container itself is- plus it's easy to open and close. As for the scent- it's fabulous and has a pleasant citrus/peach-like smell with just the right level to be enjoyable.

This product also goes on like no other moisturizer I've used-it takes about half of what I normal use for facial hydration for starters. It seems thick, but when you apply the moisturizer it easily spreads out and absorbs really well into the skin. I love how soft and smooth this lotion leaves my skin feeling and it's great for going underneath your makeup application as well.

There are no artificial fragrances or petro-chemicals and the formula is gluten-free and contains no parabens either :) I would say really the only drawback I could find with this product is the price-point- I can definitely understand that this might be a tad bit to pay for a skincare product, but I can attest to the natural approach, genuine quality, and all-around awesomeness of this moisturizer. 


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