Prevent Skin Cancer, Damage, and the Signs of Aging with These Simple Tips from The Beauty Closet + Recommended Products from Fake Bake:

by Christina


The Skin Cancer Foundation came out with a recent article warning everyone about keeping up with skincare health this year and they have a right to be concerned. Every year, over 3 million people are treated for skin cancer every year in the United States- with over 400,000 of these cases being the result of in-door [bed] tanning. Shockingly, there are actually more people in the U.S. that develop skin cancer from tanning than that of lung cancer- resulting from smoking. That's a sad statistic that could be greatly improved if we were all to take some simple steps to prevent skin cancer. Check out The Beauty Closet's easy tips below:


  1. Ensure that you utilize sun protection at all times- even during the winter months! The hottest part of the day between 10am-4pm should be avoided if possible, seeking shelter & shade or using protective clothing. 
  2. Wear an SPF 15 + for your face and lips on a daily basis and make sure to apply the product at least 30 minutes before outside exposure. 
  3. Skip on the tanning beds- they just aren't worth the future regret you will have as you are increasing the possibility of dangerous skin cancer and damage. They also tend to cause your skin to age prematurely, with the signs of aging appearing more rapidly :/
  4. Get your skin checked out by a professional on at least a yearly basis and also perform your own self exams. If you notice a mole that seems to have changed shape, become tender, or changed color/shade- then you might want to have a skincare specialist take a further look. 
  5. Avoid burning from sun exposure- every time you experience a sunburn you are increasing your chance of developing melanoma- which is also the deadliest form of skin cancer :/  The Skin Cancer Foundation states that after 5 burns, a person's lifetime risk for skin cancer doubles!
  6. Want beautiful tanned skin with a golden glow...without risking harm to your health and skin?! Give some easy to use, quality skincare products that provide the perfect tan all-year 'round :) Check out The Beauty Closet's recommended products below!

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Flawless Self-Tanning Liquid & Professional Mitt


If you're looking for a great at-home self tanning system that leaves you with salon-style results, this is the way to go :) I was really impressed with the overall quality and application method with this kit more than any other one that I've given a try. I have super fair skin and many self-tanners can end up looking super orange and un-natural .

The mitt really makes applying the product a cinch and the drying time was fairly low and that allows for you to put back on clothing within the hour. You will get a wonderful quality at-home tan with your first go around with this item and you will love it :) This one is great for any skin type!


5 Minute Mousse


If you've ever struggled with application of at-home tanning products, then this is the one for you :) It's a fool-proof method that allows for even those that might feel they don't always get the best results! I was really surprised at how well the color turned out with this product and it lasted for several days, with no annoying orange shades. When it says 5 minutes, it actually means it- you can use this product and be out the door so it's great for last-minute or emergency tanning sessions. 


Amplify Daily Tan



If your style is more of a gradual tan that's built over time, this is a great option. Not only can you can control how deep of a tan that you want, but you can avoid overdoing it ;) I prefer this type of method myself as it seems to work best for my very fair skin tone and keeping it from appearing tints of orange that often occur with self-tanning products for me.

This product is more of a lotion and I would recommend that you immediately ensure to wash your hands so as to avoid staining them or your nails. Amplify Daily Tan does take a  bit longer to dry and I would suggest using this product at night a couple of hours before bed and preferably shortly getting after the shower. Buff your skin with an exfoliator too before each usage and you will see an even and pretty glow :)

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