Have You Heard of Borage Oil? This Awesome Natural Compound Can Treat A Variety of Skin Conditions:

by Christina

Candied Borage Flowers

Candied Borage Flowers


Borago officinalis or the borage plant happens to have one of the highest GLA [y-linolenic acid] contents of all the seed oils. In fact, borage oil has a higher GLA % than that of evening primrose oil or blackcurrant seed oil- at a whopping 24% :0 That makes this natural oil a great anti-inflammatory and excellent in soothing difficult skin conditions such as eczema and seborrheic dermatitis.This oil has also been utilized in herbal medicine for centuries to treat skin conditions, arthritis, inflammation, and ADHD.

There is still a lot of debate however on the effectiveness of borage oil in regards to some of the proposed treatments and further scientific research is needed to determine how effective borage oil is in regards to some conditions. A research study from the University of Pennsylvania did however find that a daily dosage of borage oil did reduce swelling and pain associated with Rheumatoid arthritis. In 2009, a nutritional study published a study that looked at women who had skin disorders such as acne and eczema could get reduction in irritation and redness with a borage oil treatment.

Borage oil has even been studied as a treatment for those with periodontitis-related gingivitis. Subjects of the study had improved health with their gums and gingivitis reduction too. The oil is created when the seeds of the borage flowers are crushed with a cold-pressing method for extraction. Overall, borage oil shows much promise and is great for treating many skin conditions naturally and that's a big plus in my book ;) Looking for a great skincare product that contains borage oil + some other awesome natural ingredients?! Check out The Beauty Closet's recommended product below!



Body Merry

Daily Exfoliating Facial Cleanser


I've really become a big fan of Body Merry's products- I love their affordability and natural ingredients that are prevalent in all their items. This facial cleanser contains jojoba beads which not only provides great natural exfoliation, but it's a great alternative to the microbeads that are causing issues in waterways and marine life! The scent is nice and fresh with a citrus fragrance that's enjoyable and leaves your skin feeling tightened and cleansed :)

If you've been seeking a decent cleanser that doesn't cost tons of cash and doesn't leave a yucky residue behind AND it smells fantastic- this is the way you want to go! Even if your skin is a bit on the sensitive side as mine is, you can still use this cleanser daily without drying and irritation. I would recommend this one for any skin type or age- great starter cleanser for those also seeking to go with products containing natural ingredients. 

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