Want to Express Your Creative Side? Give Nail Art a Try with The Beauty Closet's Recommended Book of The Month: Holiday Nail Art by Janel Lucas

by Christina


Surprisingly, this isn't something invented in the 21st century- it was actually used in ancient Babylonian times! From as far back as 5000 B.C., women in ancient Egyptian times utilized nail art in order to show their status in society. They used henna juice as a favored medium for nail decoration and art, with the Queen often having her own unique color and design. The Chinese curated nail art as well during the Ming Dynasty, creating their mixtures and polishes for their designs from gelatin, vegetable dyes, beeswax, and egg whites.

It's interesting that in ancient times, nail art and colors indicated rank and class in society- now it's available & affordable to almost anyone. I would say that it's probably quite commonplace in the least and this is due in part to trends that emerged on the fashion runways in places like Paris- making nail art popular and "allowed" for everyone. Recently, there's been a surge in the popularity of this unique, artful expression and now nail art is being seen in the realm of high fashion too! There are quite a few different ways to achieve different effects and looks, with the possibilities seeming almost endless ;)

Some of my fav's for decorating and designing nails: marbling technique, glitters, Acrylic powder [for 3D art], velvet powder [texture effect], sponges [for a gradient effect], and aluminum foil. It's pretty amazing how far nail art has come! But you might be wondering by now if all of this is just a bit too much!... that it's beyond difficult to accomplish such unique nail art all on your own?. I admit that that I was a bit apprehensive about this myself in the beginning, but after I began to give some a try I was surprised that it was easier than I thought.

After a bit of practicing, I've gotten a lot better too;  I've managed to gather up a few go-to guides and DIY's that have really brought out the artist in me and allowed me to combine my love of beauty with innovative style :) Want to check out a great guide for yourself? Check out The Beauty Closet's recommended book of the month below, by Janel Lucas- Holiday Nail Art. This awesome book is affordable and has some great options that are possible to accomplish.



Holiday Nail Art


Janel Lucas


This easy to understand book is just under $10 and makes a great gift for any beauty or nail art lover; it's also perfect for those wanting to delve into uncharted territory and try out nail art for themselves! It starts out with some great simple tips to utilize before you even start to help you get the best out of your designs.

There are a lot of great colored pictures that show each proposed design and these are broken up into holiday and seasonal categories. Each page also includes 3-5 detailed painting steps as well, showing you in detail how each step builds upon itself in order to create the design. I found this to be super helpful as it allowed for me to see how exactly the look was achieved without making unnecessary steps.

My top picks out of the designs are the New Year's Eve nail art and the fall nail art- love the colors and creativity!  If you've been holding of on giving nail art a try, this is a great one to start out with. Even if you consider yourself to be well-versed in the realm of nail art, you will find some designs in here you haven't seen before too. All in all, this is a fantastic addition to any beauty and nail lover's bookshelf :)




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