Learn Why Carmex Can Be Your Secret Beauty Weapon + Bonus Recommended Lip Balm from Carmex: Cherry Lip Balm Stick + SPF 15

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When it comes to beauty and skincare, I'm all about affordability and versatility! If a product can be utilized in more than one way, I've managed to eliminate unnecessary item as well and that means less prep time too :) Carmex is one of those go-to products for me that has more to offer than inexpensive lip care. This lip balm has a history that began back in the 1930's when Alfred Woelbing from Wisconsin, created his own line of lip care. After some experimentation in his own kitchen, Alfred was able to come up with what we know of today as Carmex. In 2013, Carmex sold over $5 million in product in convenience stores alone- this really puts into perspective how vast the company and product has become. Learn more below about Carmex and the other awesome beauty uses that it offers! ;)



  1. Trying to tame out-of-control brows? Take a bit on your fingertip and then lightly dab on your brow, followed by a couple of swipes of your brow brush tool to help shape your brows in a flash. 
  2. Need to moisturize cracked knees, elbows, and feet? Carmex is awesome at healing chapped skin, other than your lips- especially during the colder months/winter.
  3. Prevent hair dye from crossing your hair-line and permeating your scalp and skin that causes unpleasant staining. 
  4. Want to heal dry and cracked cuticles? Rub in a bit of Carmex on your fingers/toes, around the cuticles = they will look fab! 
  5. Cure cold sores and hurt noses due to colds and weather exposure with just a dab :) 




Moisturizing Lip Balm Stick SPF 15



*walgreens.com pricing.

This is an awesome lip balm that tastes great, doesn't cost an arm-and-a-leg..and protects lips with added SPF protections too :) I'm always into protecting your skin and lips from the damaging rays of the sun and it's one of the major causes when it comes to the signs of aging! For under $2, you can give your lips the extra added attention they need to keep them healthy and soft. 


Moisturizing Lip Balm


*walgreens.com pricing.

This is probably my all-time FAV product from Carmex. It's not as exciting I suppose the others might be as it's considered the "original" flavor, however I'm particular to squeeze-type tube applicators with my lip care products. That's mostly why I'm a big fan of this one in particular since it offers up the best of both world: a great Carmex product in an easy-to-use applicator that leaves your lips with ultimate shine and looking super healthy :) I really like applying this before my other lip color or gloss and it's great for colder months as well since it makes a wonderful protective barrier on your lips after applied. As an added bonus, it's under $2!



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