Trying to Decide If You Want to Add a Day or Night Cream to Your Skincare Routine?...Learn Why the Differences Really Can be Night & Day!

by Christina


Have you ever felt lost in the vast world of day & night beauty creams? Ever wondered if you really needed them...and if so- which or night?! Perhaps you want to go for both.... I've definitely felt torn myself, but ultimately decided that after doing some research- the way to go is to stick with both. They each have their own unique formulas and ingredients that are designed for day vs. night skin care needs, but I would suggest using both at any age.

I've often come across the myth that these creams are reserved for anti-aging purposes, but I highly advise to start using both a day AND a night cream in your 20's. Not only will you prevent the signs of aging before they even start, but you are more likely to maintain the beautiful health and vibrancy of your younger skin- well into your 30's and beyond. I started really ramping up my skincare routine early and I definitely feel that this has been a contributing factor to the way that my skin looks today- I often can pass for 10-15 years younger than my actual age ;)

So what are the real differences between day and night creams? For starters, Day Creams tend to be lighter formulas that are also usually designed to work in tandem with your other skincare products and makeup routine. They can contain added benefits like SPF for sun protection and oil-free,whipped formulas that don't leave your skin feeling greasy. Night creams can be heavier, thicker curated products that may be slower to absorb into the skin and designed to work overnight- not during the day or under makeup. They can work very well with other skincare night-time products as well!

Night creams will usually be void of ingredients like SPF as its not needed and contains things such as Retinol and Peptides. You will usually want to avoid sun exposure with Retinol and other similar ingredients as they can cause skin irritation when the skin experiences prolonged sunlight. When it comes to Day creams, these types of products normally focus on improving skin brightness, firmness, and smoothness- while Night Creams tend to focus on issues like anti-aging, moisturization, and skin tone evenness. If you're seeking a day or night cream to add to your beauty regimen- The Beauty Closet has you covered ;) I've recently come across 2 awesome products from Clarins that makes the solution simple so make sure to see what those are all about below!



Multi-Active Day SPF 20 Day Cream


I've super picky when it comes to day creams- mostly due to them often causing me to break out. I have very sensitive skin and I have to be careful which one I go for so as to avoid clogging pores and causing blackheads and acne issues. Thankfully, there are some great day creams out there that don't cause those issues for me and this would be at the top of my list. It has a very nice light and pleasant scent and the formula is nice and light- it easily spreads thinly onto the skin and absorbs within a minutes of application. If you've been worried about having an oily residue left behind or had this issue with a day cream in the past, this product doesn't cause that.

The cream will easily absorb into the skin and leave it feeling smooth and refreshed. I have been using the product for a few days now and I have seen a slight improvement of the fine lines and slight discoloration in some areas of my face too. Overall, this is a wonderful day cream and I would recommend this for any skin type. The slight drawback is the pricing for some, however I can advise that it's worth the bit of cash and there's a generous amount for the price :)


Multi-Active Night Cream



I found it truly amazing how different yet awesome Clarin's Night Cream was in comparison to that of its "twin" Day Cream version. This product will leave your skin feeling super soft and has an equally pleasant scent as the day cream. If you've been seeking a great product that will leave your skin looking AND feeling refreshed, this is THE night cream for you! I really like that this cream works excellently with additional skincare products in your routine, without feeling like it's "heavy". This has become one of my top night creams- I highly recommend  this one!






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