You May Have Noticed....

by Christina


You may have noticed some sporadic posting during the weekend and a post here and there missing during the week lately. No worries! I'm definitely still here and will continue to post on a daily basis during the week and once during the weekend. There will however be the occasional week where I might take a break for a day from posting in order to give myself a bit of breathing room.

I will be officially graduating with my B.A. in Organizational Communications this semester, which also means that with 2 jobs- I have quite a bit on my plate ;) This will give me a better opportunity to concentrate on my school work and ensure that everything goes smoothly for graduation. I will however be returning to my regular blog posting schedule of every day at the beginning of May :)

You may see a couple of less posts from me a week during this time-frame, but I will definitely still be sharing with all of you more great product reviews, recommendations, & beauty tips as much as I can. Make sure to look for more awesome beauty-themed giveaways as well- there are more surprises to come!mo

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