The Beauty Closet's Top 5 Beauty Tools for Applying Foundation & Makeup:

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Finding the right foundation tool can make all the difference! I discovered this a few years ago when I started experimenting with different tools and methods for applying my cream and liquid makeup & concealer. You can have beautiful results that look flawless, smooth, and soften lines and also hide scars- if you use the right tool :) It's not necessary to spend tons of cash or be a makeup artist to achieve a flawless look. Check out my top 5 FAV makeup application tools below to get the lowdown!


1. beautyblender- "Prep. Pretty. Clean." Limited Edition Holiday Kit $40

The beautyblender sponge is one of my all-time favorite makeup applicators due to it's simplicity and easy of use. This kit has everything you need to get started too and for a great price at! You get a bottle of liquid cleanser and 2 beautyblender sponges: the original and the newer pure version. What really sets this little guy apart from the rest of the quality unique material that features an open cell structure that fills with water when you get it wet.

This prevents the makeup from deeply penetrating the sponge and instead keeps it floating on top- giving you the right amount of product on the sponge and a smooth, beautiful finished results :) I will absolutely never give this little guy up and it will remain at the top of my list until someone comes out with something that is beyond fabulous- it will be difficult to do as this sponge is one-of-a-kind!


2. tarte- Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush $34

I'm a huge fan of tarte's makeup, skincare, and beauty tools which is why I snagged this brush as soon as I came across it! Not only is this awesome tool an absolute dream to use, it's great for applying thicker and creamier formulas and giving you an even application too. You can also get a great air-brushed finish with this brush,which is fairly hard to achieve with a brush in my past experience. The bristles are crafted with good quality and the handle is the well-made and a weighted correctly, making it easy to hold and use. 

3. Bairly Sheer- Kabuki Sponge Brush "Natural" $9.99.

Perfect for giving additional coverage and great for getting to difficult-to-reach areas, this cool Kabuki Sponge Brush from Bairly Sheer is also super affordable at just around $10! I really love that they combined the power and shape of a regular Kabuki brush into a unique sponge applicator that works for almost any type of makeup you can think of! You can use this too for correcting an uneven skin tone and for quick touch-ups as well :) This is one of BEST affordable options that I've come across!


4. Sephora Collection- Sonic Airbrush Sponge $11.

This unique sponge applicator system has mixed reviews, but I found this tool to do exactly what I hoped it would do! It's great for lighter formulas and bb creams; I just place a small dab on the applicator itself or a few dabs directly on my skin and then apply my product in a circular motion. It does require batteries which are included, but if they will have to be eventually replaced as they are the smaller cell-button type. I didn't really see this as much of a drawback though since the price was only $11 :)

The tool does come with a replacement sponge head and you can wash the sponge every time you use to prolong the life of the sponge as well. If you want a fancier version go for: Color Me's Automatic Foundation Applicator Universal Starter Kit [$54] from Ulta. There are 2 different type of applicators included for both powder and liquid foundations AND the battery is a bit better in this model.

As you might also notice though, is that the price is a tad bit higher than that of the version from Sephora. If you haven't tried this method/tool out before, I would give the one from Sephora a try first- if you feel that it's something for you, then I would go for the more expensive model. 

5. Make Up For Ever- #224 Silicone Applicator $16.

If you love the idea of the material & quality of the beautyblender sponge- but you don't want to deal with getting your hands dirty and making a mess, this is the tool for you! This is also perfect for applying difficult products and to areas that are harder to reach like on the sides of your nose and around your eyes.

I like using this tool especially for applying concealer to areas that I need to hide and dabbing- it works like a charm and leaves behind a flawless finished look with almost no effort on my part! Make Up For Ever did design this one for applying glitter and loose powders, but I found it to be excellent for applying light foundations and concealers in smaller areas too. 

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