Help Fight Breakouts Without Breaking the Bank with These 6 Easy Tips + Bonus AcneFree Sonic Advanced Cleansing Duo:

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  1. Try to avoid trigger foods that are high in fat, salt, and sugar content like: candy, chips/pretzels, and pizza. Go for healthier options like nuts, sugar-free candy, or fresh fruit. Keeping a good diet and staying away from salty and sugary foods can really decrease the amount of breakouts!
  2. Wash your pillow-case every week and wash your pillow every month. There are a few different methods when it comes to washing your pillow itself and this can be done by hand or washing machine, depending on  your pillow's stuffing. Check out this wikiHow for more info on how to wash your specific type of pillow. I've noticed that this significantly cuts back on acne issues for me :)
  3. Fight acne naturally with: Zinc, Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, Brewer's Yeast, Colloidal Silver, Lemons, &  Apple Cider Vinegar - just to name a few :0 There are quite a few more, but I could have gone on forever on this one! These particular ingredients mentioned however are super easy to purchase separately or in other great skincare products as acne and spot treatments. Make sure they are at least in the top-half of the ingredients list. 
  4. Don't wash your face more that TWICE in a day- you will only dry out your skin and cause your skin to produce even more oil, therefore causing more acne issues :/ When you are done washing your face, ensure you are patting it dry and NOT rubbing.
  5. Keep a close watch on what you hair products you are utilizing! Pomades, oils, and gels can be more trouble and cause breakouts along your hairline and forehead. This goes for your makeup as well- try to stick with oil-free products and use your makeup sparingly. If you don't have to wear foundation or powder, skip it as this only aids in making breakouts worse and clogging your pores.
  6. Make sure that you have an excellent skincare routine that's poised to fight and prevent acne daily. Looking for a system that works and is affordable? The Beauty Closet has an excellent solution with the recommended product from AcneFree below:



Sonic Advanced Cleansing Duo


I've wanted to try a sonic facial cleansing device for a while, but they are normally a tad on the expensive side. This makes me a bit hesitant about forking over this much cash when I'm unsure on whether or not this device would be worth the price. Luckily, I came across this option from AcneFree that offers up their version of a sonic facial tool- plus a generous amount of acne-fighting cleanser :)

It does come with the needed batteries, which are easy to put in and there are 2 speed levels with the on/off button as well. I like taking a quarter-sized amount of the product and mixing with a splash of water- directly on the orange silicon cleansing pad; then you can turn on the device and start on your forehead. Follow a counter-clockwise direction around your face until your have reached the opposite side of your forehead and then rinse.

The kit also comes with an extra cleansing pad to replace the one the tool comes with and this can be achieved by sliding away from you and removing the pad from the plastic piece that will slide back on top of the device with a snap. I also choose to remove this same little attached piece in order to rinse it off as well after each usage. I've really seen an improvement in overall skin health and feel- it's super soft and feels truly cleansed :)

As for breakouts, I've had none thus far since I started using the Sonic Advanced Cleansing Duo from AcneFree- that makes this one a keeper! At just around $25, this is a very affordable option that will banish and prevent breakouts and I'd recommend this to anyone with any skin type, even if you have super sensitive skin as I do.




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