Get Healthy, Beautiful, & Glowing Skin at Any Age! The Beauty Closet Recommends: mybody Probiotic Skincare Glow Duo

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As women in today's world, it's easy to get caught up in our daily lives so much that our skin suffers at an alarming rate! I've noticed over the past few years, that as I've gotten older and been under more stress with going back to school and juggling a household with a full-time job- my skin is showing the stress as well :0 I often feel that I look tired and my skin can become dull :/ If there's something out there than can help in that area even a bit for me, I'm definitely interested!

Due to my beauty obsession and dedication to finding good quality beauty items for my readers here at The Beauty Closet, I wasn't out of luck though! I came across an awesome brand- my body that was founded by Christine & David Watson [creator of Philosophy skincare!]; this powerhouse couple has quite a bit to bring to the table when it comes to expertise, which is why I feel that the brand really knows what quality skincare & beauty products are all about.

my body has managed to combine top-notch, medical-grade skincare items that also boast beautiful packaging, that can be proudly displayed if you wish :) The brand specializes in probiotic skincare that will focus on bringing your skin to a healthy balance and restoring your beautiful natural glow! Want to know more?! Make sure to get the lowdown below, on one of their top product duos- the Glow Duo!



my body

Probiotic Skincare

Glow Duo


*sale pricing @ >reg. priced @ $108!

I've tried a few products out there that boasted claims of boosting your skin's glow and helping with improving skin health, but I often find that even though many of these brands may mean well- they fall short of their claims. I could tell from the get-go though, that these products were different :) You can actually snag these items individually from my body as well, but purchasing it in the duo will save you a bit- especially with the sale pricing on it! It's honestly hard for me to see which product I like better out of the 2, but if I absolutely had to choose- it would be the Probiotic HydraGlow Cream Oil.

I can't believe what a dream this stuff it ladies- it really does work and you will see an instant improvement in how healthy your skin looks and feels...AND it glows! The super unique and pretty designed bottle has a special cap that untwists inside as you open cap; once you unscrew the cap completely and pull it off, you can see the dropper-like siphon that reaches into the bottle. This cool dropper-like cap draws the product as you open it and you can easily dispense the product drop-by-drop; this leaves no waste or mess!

The formula allows for quick absorption and little drying time and it's perfect under or without makeup :) You can wear this in both the morning and evening before you go to bed, as it's recommended and I have also picked this method as well. Thus far, I am loving the results and I've really noticed a great improvement in my skin's luminosity and health.

As for the resurfacing pads, they are fantastic as well! I noticed how smooth my skin looked with the first usage and I like using them in the am. & pm. What really stood out for me on these resurfacing pads vs. others, was the quality and softness of the material itself and that it didn't leave an unpleasant odor, residue, or feeling on your skin as similar products do. It dries in a snap and there's a slight tingling feeling as you swipe it on.

Overall, I was quite impressed with both items and I've added them to my daily skincare regimen. I've been very pleased with the results so far and I would highly recommend this duo to anyone who wants to improve skin health, get back your skin's healthy glow, or would like to focus on anti-aging issues- even those with sensitive skin will be able to use these :)














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