Have You Heard of Rosorcinol? This Unique Compound Will Send Dark Under-Eye Circles Packing! The Beauty Closet Recommends: La Roche-Posay Pigmentclar Dark Circle Skin-Evening Corrector

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There are quite a few reasons why this pesky issue can rear its head, but I've discovered that there are many women out there that experience dark circles, puffiness, and other under-eye issues at one time or another. One of the most common causes is skin pigmentation, in addition to blood vessels showing through thinned skin around and underneath the eyes. Lack of sleep, poor diet, and not drinking enough water can be  sources of dark circles and other under-eye problems.

The average pricing for surgical treatment of these issues is around $3,200 and at that kind of cost, it's no wonder that many of us look for alternatives that are not only affordable but possibly safer. As a busy mother, student, & full-time worker- I don't always get the best sleep or eat that great and anything that can help improve these issues is something I'm willing to check out! After some research, I came across a the unique compound Resorcinol. This natural phenol is often found in argan oil and is utilized as an antiseptic/disinfectant in medical applications.

Rosorcinol is also great for chronic skin issues like eczema and psoriasis. If you want to banish dandruff, this is a great natural alternative as well. When it comes to acne, Rosorcinol is an excellent candidate too and has been proven to be effective at a 2% or less concentration. So what does it do for under-eye issues such as under-eye dark circles, bags, & puffiness? Resorcinol [Ph-E] is 100 times more effective than Kojic Acid in improving under-eye problems with it's super antioxidants :) Make sure to check out The Beauty Closet's top recommended product below,  to help with dark circles from La Roche-Posay!


La Roche-Posay


Dark Circle Skin-Evening Corrector


When it comes to under-eye products, I've tried many and I found that they often fell short of their claims. I'm realistic and don't believe in miracles, but many of these products just don't seem to make much of an improvement at all. The pricing is also something that can be a negative too- I don't mind paying a bit for something if it works...that just doesn't turn out to be the case though with under-eye improvement products.

This awesome corrector from La Roche-Posay however, is one-of-a-kind :) You will see results from the get-go and a marked improvement with circles, bags, lines, & puffiness- with continual & daily usage. I love the metal tip that's designed well so that the slant of the tip makes for easy application with no waste. The squeez-like tube lets you get out the right amount of product and then apply around and underneath your eyes in a snap.

There's also light-reflecting elements in the formula that give an added instant luminous boost too, making this product a great candidate for usage before your makeup routine. I like applying this product at night-time before  bed and in the am. before I apply my makeup for the day- it has a nice instant cooling effect that makes it great for a quick pick-me-up for the "tired eye" look! Overall, this is a wonderful product that I would recommend for those of any age or skin type :)

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