The Beauty Closet's Julep Un-boxing for February 2016:

by Christina


Before I even realized it, the time to pick my personalize Maven Box had arrived quite quickly this month. With my final semester of classes to complete my B.A. starting in January, the time has already flown by :0 It's also the very last month of my pre-paid 6 month gift subscription that my fiance had given me last year. I've really enjoyed the option of being able to get what I wanted each month and not have to worry about the money coming out of my account each month automatically. This gave me some breathing room too, as the sub allowed me to add the occasional add-on and snag an extra item or two with the accrued Jules that let you purchase additional free items just by taking your monthly box.

Of course you can skip at any time, but if you do forget then you are going to be automatically billed on the current card on file. I prefer to purchase pre-paid subscriptions that contain 3, 6, or 12 month options that prevent me from even worrying about it and I'm still earning Jules points with each pre-paid box that I take! Even if you are a Maven [Julep member], you can still take advantage of Julep's gift subscriptions' if there are any issues with applying this to your account, you can call customer service and they will manually apply the gift sub. to your account.

Then you simply order as you wish each month and Julep will notify you of how many you have left in the subscription each time you utilize a month.  I haven't made the decision to commit to another pre-paid subscription, but I am leaning towards snagging another one ;) There have been some hits and misses, but I'm fairly happy overall with being a Julep member. Want to get the scoop on this month's personalized box? Make sure to check out my picks below!



  1. NAIL POLISH: "Kay" Classic with a Twist [warm taupe w/gold microshimmer] $14.
  2. NAIL POLISH: "Rosie" It Girl [Charcoal grey with magenta glitter] $14.
  3. EYE SHADOW 101: Creme-to-powder Eyeshadow Stick in "Warm Gold Shimmer" [perfect for blue eyes!] $18.
  4. *BONUS- Heart-shaped Chocolate candy.
  5. *BONUS- $20 OFF coupon code >for next purchase in Secret Store.


This box was actually a big FAV for me this month! There wasn't a lot to it as I only snagged 3 items and a bonus chocolate & coupon code. Although I didn't pick up any add-ons, this was because I decided to hold out for the "Secret Store" this time around as this gives you an opportunity to snatch up items you may have been wanting- at a decent discount pricing :) You can even use the Secret Store if you haven't taken you month's box or you're a new Maven member, you will however have to wait a bit longer to have access- but you can get in!

I really liked both nail polishes this time around as they were both 2 newly introduced colors for this month and each was on the opposite end of the scale: "Kay" is light, beautiful, and has just a bit of shimmer- "Rosie" is a bolder, sparkly version of a deep burgundy. The eye shadow stick was also a newly introduced shade and since I've tried this product in the past and really liked it, I had a sneaking suspicion I was going to love this one as well. It turns out, that this shade ended up being my FAV shade I've tried out thus far- it's perfect for day or night-time wear and can be blended and layered with other shades to create a variety of unique looks.

As I love chocolate, the bonus Valentine's Day-themed candy was a nice touch too. I will probably find something in the Secret Store that I really want as the coupon code makes for a good deal. I will make sure to review what I snag from it as well! All-in-all, I was very pleased with my picks and I am looking forward to picking up another pre-paid subscription again too- make sure to be on the lookout for my upcoming Maven Box reviews ;)

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