Boost You Hair's Shine & Health Naturally With the Agave Plant! Try: Agave Healing Oil Revitalizing Shine Spray

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Blue Agave

Blue Agave

The Agave plant is form the Asparagus Family and is sometimes also called the "century plant" due to it's quick death, following it's once-in-a-lifetime blossoming. There are over 200 different varieties [species] of Agave and is native to Mexico, the southern & western parts of the U.S., and some tropical areas of South America. One of the most recognized forms of the plant comes with the Yucca Agave which sports popular and ornamental whitish flowers on tall, thin stalks; Blue Agave [Agave azul] is used in the creation of some types of tequila.

The leaves, stalks, sap, and flowers are all edible- the Navajo for example, curate a beverage from it's cooked fibers and also use the fibers of the Agave for rope. As for the benefits it brings to your skin hair, & nails, there are many: soothe and heal difficult skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, works well as a natural cleanser/acne fighter, and even helps with the signs of aging! Packed full of antioxidants and a great anti-inflammatory agent, Agave is an excellent candidate for natural skincare, nails, & strong & shiny hair :) Want to find a great hair care product containing Agave? Check out The Beauty Closet's Top Hair product pick of the week below!


Agave Revitalizing Shine Spray $26

My hair is super thick and coarse and tends to frizz up pretty easily, so I've tried the gamut of hair care products that boost shine, strength, and health. They don't however always match up to their claims and often fall short :/ What I like about this product is that its composed of natural ingredients like Agave Plant Sugars, Sunflower Seed Oil, and Coconut Extract! It doesn't weigh your hair down, but will provide awesome shine!

I like spray this over sections of my hair while flat-ironing and then finish off with a bit more throughout my completed style. The product smells wonderful and can be used in combination with other items in Agave's hair care line like their Restorative Hydrating Mask and the Agave Healing Vapor Iron. If you've been looking for a shine-boosting spray that is sulfate, paraben, & phthalate-free- this is THE product to pick up :)

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