Use These Awesome 6 Simple Tips to Protect Your Face from Sun Damage + Bonus Recommended Product from The Beauty Closet: Australian Gold Sheer Coverage SPF 45 Faces Sunscreen

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  1. One of the easiest ways to protect your head, face, & neck is to wear a nice wide-brimmed hat or a cap. I LOVE the stylish alternative that's also great for protecting hair- Hadry! This unique trendy option is a twist between a cap and a scarf that can be worn in a variety of ways to achieve different looks. Hadry is made out of a material called Humiloc that protects hair and and your head from the elements, while also being water-resistant :) Get your own >here<.
  2. Wear a sun-screen containing makeup and/or moisturizer before stepping outside- this allows for you to enjoy the Spring weather, without worry! Plus, you don't have to slather on regular sunscreen that tends to be packed full of oil-clogging ingredients. Makeup and facial moisturizer that are designed specifically for your face are designed to be oil-free and utilized on the more-sensitive skin of the face! [broad spectrum w/SPF of 15+].
  3. Don't forget your lips and around the eyes! It's usually not a very good idea to pack on products in this are, as they may cause breakouts and irritation. Instead, go for an SPF lip balm; skip the SPF-containing moisturizers around your eyes and go for eye creams that have SPF.
  4. Thinking tanning is okay! It's totally NOT a good idea- not only can it cause skin cancer, but it can bring out freckles, discoloration, and dark spots on the face as well :/ You're also going to see the signs of aging- even with tanning bed exposure and that means wrinkles line prematurely :(
  5. Get an extra boost of protection with a natural supplement! HelioCare contains the power of the Fern with "Fernblock PLE Technology",this awesome natural supplement can be taken daily. HelioCare brings antioxidant power to your skin from the inside out and protects your skin from the very first day that you begin taking it :)
  6. Want to snag a perfect, sun-kissed glow + protect your face and neck from sun damage?! Try a product that contains an instant-bronzer AND a broad spectrum SPF 15+ This means you get a beautiful golden glow without causing damage to your skin and possible skin cancer! Make sure to check out The Beauty Closet's top pick from Australian Gold below:
HADRY:  The Ultimate fashion beach accessory that protects your head &amp; hair

HADRY: The Ultimate fashion beach accessory that protects your head & hair








This is a super affordable way to protect your skin AND snag a beautiful glow that you can achieve in a snap :) Not only does this product smell great, but it won't clog pores or cause breakouts! It's curated specifically for your face and is water resistant for up to 80 mins and an broad spectrum SPF of 45. The bronzer is a nice light color that it buildable and will get a couple of shades darker with 3-5 applications.

I like applying a thin layer before I lay down for the night and then when I first get up for the day, I re-apply with a beauty-blender sponge on my entire face and neck areas. It will dry quickly and absorbs into the skin well, but putting this on the night before does allow for the product to fully absorb into your skin ;)

The scent is also fantastic- it's light and pleasant, which I LOVE. There are times when I have come across similar products that don't smell all that wonderful [most likely due to the bronzing & SPF ingredients], yet this Sheer Coverage Faces Sunscreen from Australian Gold doesn't and smells great! I would recommend this product for most skin types and ages- even those with sensitive skin :)

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