The Beauty Closet's 5 Simple Tips for Spring-ready Hair + Bonus Recommended Product & Review from: éprouvage

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  1. Start with a fresh cut! Your hair has been battled by Winter weather for the past few months and needs to be trimmed in the very least. This will rid hair of split ends and stimulate growth. Having your hair cut shorter will also aid in keeping you cooler during the warmer season :)
  2. Protect your hair and scalp from the damaging effects of the sun by swapping your daily hair care products for those containing UV protection, like a heat-styling aid or conditioner. Not only will this keep your from damaging your hair, but it will prevent highlights from fading and dryness from occurring.
  3. Avoid the pool or chlorinated water if possible! Water-treatment chemicals tend to dry out your scalp and hair, in addition to creating a chlorine build-up that causes damage and dullness :/ If you do need to hit the pool, use a clarifying shampoo & conditioner; rinse your hair with water immediately following your hair being exposed to chlorine/water-treatment chemicals, if  you don't have the ability to actually wash your hair.
  4. A once-a-week deep conditioning treatment or masque aids in locking in moisture for your scalp and hair, while also keeping your hair looking & feeling healthy and strong. Heat, sun, and water exposure can be trying to your scalp/hair and using a treatment at least one time a week will keep it strong and frizz at bay :)
  5. Drop the creamy, thick formulated hair care products and go for "lighter" products that won't weigh hair down. Try products that are oil-free and look for items that encourage "beach waves" or texturizing. Looking for some great hair care products to get your hair Spring-ready? Check out The Beauty Closet's recommended products from Eprouvage below!





$15-16 EA.

I'm quite a fan of Eprouvage hair care products and I've snagged a few at this point, so I was fairly certain I was going to love these as well. I was definitely correct on my assumption...I love them :) This is probably my favorite duo that I've tried from Eprouvage yet! It leaves my hair feeling soft, strong, and looking super healthy! It smells great, with a light and pleasant scent that doesn't annoy.

The conditioner comes with a pump-action nozzle so you can easily get out the right amount of product without making a huge mess- or wasting it! At $15 a piece [$1 more for the conditioner @$16], you aren't going to break the bank at an 8.45 oz bottle size. If you've been looking for a great fortifying hair care duo that doesn't cost a fortune and isn't chalked full of parabens, sulfates, & glutens too :) I recommend both of these products for most hair types!

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The Beauty Closet's Top Spring 2016 Hair Trends + Recommended Products from: Schwarzkopf Styliste Ultime

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Springtime is near and so are the new seasonal colors for nails, hair, makeup, and more! Many of these can be spotted on runways and magazines everywhere- which is why I try and scope them out around this time every year. I love finding the new looks, trendy seasonal colors, and fun twists or revamped styles for Spring :)  Want to know more?! Check out The Beauty Closet's Top Spring 2016 Hair Trends below + 2 top hair product picks to help snag these hot hair trends- at an affordable price too!



1. Put Some Sequins on It!

Now I know what you might be thinking....this is a little over the top and it could be if not done right...BUT this can also be a super fun and cute way to easily vamp up your hair for Spring, if it's done with the right placement and product. The key to this look is to not go overboard and reserve for limited occasions. With all of that being said, I think the style brings a little bit of fun, flair, and the feel of the season- all wrapped into an easy approach that almost anyone can achieve!

2. Metal Headbands & Clips:

These have been around in season's past, however this Spring it's all about over-sized options with added: bling, texture, or polished finishes. The hot style is to wear a low pony [upper nape of your neck] and then utilize a wide metallic clip to keep the ponytail held back; you can also add in a metal headband for extra flair or put your hair back into low pig-tails, for a cool twist on this trend.


3. Grecian Metallic Barrettes:

This beautiful trend was spotted recently at Rodarte's Spring RTW 2016 show and they are absolutely gorgeous :) I love the Grecian inspired look that's easy to pull off and has a very light Spring-like feel! The look entails twisting small sections of hair and then locking them in place with bobby pins; this is then followed by placing 2-3 smaller clips or 1 larger over this sectioned area [part to one far side of the front of your forehead]. Want to go all-out with this pretty style? Several versions were also see on the runways that were "crowns" placed on top of the head. [think Grecian Goddess!]


4. In Full Bloom!

I LOVE this Spring 2016 hair trend that's been spotted across the board and at several shows! You can go for just a few small flowers or take this look to the max with an adornment of fruit and flowers intertwined into a crown. Go for a dramatic side part and add real [or synthetic flowers for a longer-lasting style] flowers starting at around your ear and going up towards your part/top of your head. There were some beautiful pastel versions seen very recently at the Spring Diane Von Furstenberg show and they are a lot "softer" versions that the one as pictured above, but equally as stunning :)




Styliste ultime

crystal shine & hold

Heat protection Shine Spray


I'm a huge fan of Schwarzkopf hair care products and their Stylist Ulitme and Essence Ultime lines are great! They are affordable and work, with a wide array of options to help you achieve almost any style you can dream up. This product works wonderfully for freezing your style in place without smelling yucky or flaking. The uniquely-designed spray nozzle allows for a great coverage of a finer mist so that the product doesn't concentrate too much in one area and I haven't really found issues with the nozzle clogging either.

I've often found that these types of nozzles will clog up after a few uses, but I didn't find that issue to occur at all with this product. You can utilize this product to provide a good heat barrier as well and this will help protect your hair from the damage of heat-styling tools. For just around $7, you can snag this affordable product and I recommend this one for most hair types- great for achieving one of the pretty Spring looks I shared above! ;)




Shine Boost Tonic



This is probably one of my favorite products out of the Essence Ultime hair care line! Why? It costs around $7, yet it has the quality of products that are 4x's the price :) Specially formulated for color-treated and highlighted hair, this has color protection in mind and helps to boost health, shine, and strength. I have dark reddish and blonde highlights in my hair and this awesome product really brings out my highlights, while producing ultimate shine = LOVE! The bottle is well-designed too, as it's made out of metal and the nozzle is made decently too; this allows for no waste and an even,fine mist to be dispersed when in use. If you've been looking for a shine boosting serum that doesn't cost an arm-and-a-leg, this is THE way to go!

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